Saturday, August 25, 2012

[baviphat] Natural Pure Peach Facial Foam

One of the first cleansing foams I purchased from a Korean brand was [baviphat]'s Natural Pure Peach Facial Foam. I got it back in 2011 but just started to use it a week ago!
You can get different kinds of the Facial Foam, as well as Cleansing Creams for make-up removal and Shower Gels.

Cleansing Creams:
- Natural Pure Peach Cleansing Cream
- Natural Pure Aloe Drop Cleansing Cream
- Natural Pure Avocado Cleansing Cream
- Natural Pure Lemon Cleansing Cream
Facial Foams:
- Natural Pure Peach Facial Foam
- Natural Pure Aloe Drop Facial Foam
- Natural Pure Avocado Facial Foam
- Natural Pure Lemon Facial Foam
Bubble Showers:
- Natural Pure Peach Fresh Up Bubble Shower
- Natural Pure Avocado Relaxing Bubble Shower
- Natural Pure Lemon Brightening Bubble Shower
- Natural Pure Soft Milk Relaxing Bubble Shower

I got the peach one because at eBay they said that this cleansing foam controls sebum and can reduce the pores size. But it's also very good for dry skin!

Description: A luxurious facial cleanser formulated with peach extract to help keep skin soft and well-hydrated with regular use. Recommended for dry and mature skin types.
With 200ml content, the Natural Pure Peach Facial Foam is the biggest cleansing foam I own. Other facial cleansers usually got just 120~150ml.
The squeeze-out tube is kept in a very light yellowish-beige, with a orange sticker around it which got a 'peach' print on it. As many cleansing foams inside a tube it has a simple flip-top lid!
The description is completely in korean but I found some informations online. Therefore, I can tell you the main ingredients of the Peach Facial Foam:
Peach: Sebum Control, Dead Skin Cell Removal, Skin Protection
Japanese Apricot: Anti-microbial Effect, Dead Skin Cell Removal
Cucumber: Elastic Skin, Minimizing Pores
Portulaca: Cleansing Effect, Anti-inflammatory Effect
The white foam has a thick & creamy consistency with a soft peachy scent. I like that the scent is not too fruity and overpowering.
I use this cleanser currently in the morning only coz of its moisturizing effect. It doesn't dry out my skin as much as some other soapy cleansers do. All in all, a nice facial foam for daily use but not really the right one for very oily skin!
How to use: Squeeze out a small amount of cleanser onto palm and rub hands together to create a generous lather. Apply lather on skin and gently massage onto face. Rinse thoroughly and then pat skin dry.

Price: around 11,- €/ US$14  
Bought at: eBay (bello-girl)        
What I love: 
The soft scent and that it doesn't dry out my skin too much.
What I don’t like: 
Nothing at the moment!    

Will I buy this again? The product isn't too bad but I won't buy it again!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

[SKINFOOD] Glacier Water Gel Mask (Toning & Soothing)

One of [SKINFOOD]'s latest product line contains products with different kinds of water: Thermal Water, Glacier Water and Deep Sea Water. Since the products are a bit pricey for me I just got the Glacier Water Gel Mask which is recommended as after-sun care or for irritated/ oily skin
Still thinking about getting either the Thermal Water or Glacier Water Multi Gel, though (at least as samples).

The complete line consists of the following products:
- Thermal Water Multi Toner (Hydrating & Softening)
- Thermal Water Multi Gel
- Thermal Water Gel Mask
- Glacier Water Multi Toner (Toning & Soothing)
- Glacier Water Multi Gel
- Glacier Water Gel Mask
- Deep Sea Water Multi Toner (Brightening)
- Deep Sea Water Multi Gel
- Deep Sea Water Gel Mask

Description: A glacier water-infused cooling hydrogel mask that seals moisture skin as it gradually melts over time.
*Glacier Water Story: Pure glacier water is naturally alkalescent and enriched with oxygen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and other beneficial minerals.
The pouch contains only one (1) sheet for a single-use (24g). The Glacier Water products got an 'iceberg and blue water' print on the front which looks like an oil painting - quite nice!
While the description is in korean and english, the ingredient list is written on the back of the pouch in korean only. However, I still can read some ingredients like Allantoin, Panthenol and Binghasu (Glacier Water) 200ppm.
The sheet mask doesn't look like it's made of cotton, like many other sheets. Together with the light scented solution it feels more gel-like. In addition, this sheet mask has two parts: one part for the forehead, nose and eye area and another part for the chin and mouth area.
You can use both sides of the sheets!
I applied the Glacier Water Gel Mask after washing/ toning my face and waited for about 30 minutes, then I removed the sheets without washing the remaining solution off.
The Gel Mask has a light cooling effect and it left a film on my skin afterwards. The film didn't feel greasy or sticky at all - it was rather like an protecting film. Therefore, I think it's especially good for sunburned skin!
How to use: Open the pouch and remove the film from the mask.Apply the mask to the face, and then remove after 20 to 30 minutes. For best results, use immediately after sun exposure or to soothe irritated skin. (Either side of the mask can be worn.)

Price: around 5,- €/ US$6 
Bought at: eBay (        

What I love: 
The cooling effect and the nice, protecting film afterwards.
What I don’t like: 
It's a bit pricey for just one sheet! 

Will I buy this again? I would, but not for this price! Might get the Multi Gel (as samples), though.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Georgetown, Penang (Malaysia)

I remember I told my boyfriend once that I would like to get paied for traveling around the world and he said that I could blog about trips and maybe one day I will get sponsored. I don't believe this will ever happen but I thought I still could write a bit about my trips.

I will start with my short trip to Georgetown, Penang (Malaysia) in October 2009. It's a few years ago already and I'm upset that I spent only 4 days there. Hopefully, I can go again one day! I have to apologize for the quality of the pics but I just had my mobile phone with me at this time.
Actually, I just planned to go to Australia but shortly after I booked my flight with Singapore Airline from Frankfurt/ Main (Germany) to Melbourne (Australia), I decided to make a stopover in Malaysia on my return flight. It was a bit complicated coz I already booked a return ticket and had to book then two one-way tickets for the flights from Singapore to Penang and from Penang to Germany.
I arrived at Singapore Changi Airport on 10/12 (about 10pm) and was so tired that I had to rest for a few hours in the Transit Hotel, since my connection flight was the next morning 7am. Furthermore, I was super sad and cried a lot coz I had to leave my boyfriend and was completely alone again.
After I arrived in Penang at about 9am I took a taxi to the g HOTEL PENANG which would be my 'home' for the next 3 nights.
168A Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang, Malaysia

Unfortunately, my room wasn't cleaned yet and so I had to wait for some more hours which I spent inside the lobby (it was too hot outside).
The women's toilet in the lobby got an aquarium.
My room was on Level 8 and had a nice few at the pool and the coastal.
The standard room was big enough for 1~2 people. I love those King Size beds!!
The hotel TV didn't offer many english channels, so I watched most of the time the Disney Channel. Sadly, I couldn't use the provided internet coz it just didn't work for me. I tried both, WiFi and LAN cable.
On the first day I just went to the nearby Gurney Plaza and ate for dinner at one of those food courts located at the lower level.
Nasi Goreng USA: a very spicy rice dish.
g HOTEL lobby at night.  

The second day I went for lunch to a taiwanese restaurant inside Gurney Plaza and walked around the hotel area. I wanted to walk till Komtar but I canceled the plan coz it was too far and the streets are not really made for pedestrians.
In the evening a friend picked me up with his car and drove me to Batu Ferringhi Beach, where we had a drink at the beach. Afterwards we walked over one of the night markets.
Because of my bad mobile phone cam, I wasn't able to take pics at night!

On my last day I met up with another friend and he brought me to Komtar, Prangin Mall and the Kek Lok Si Temple in Air Itam, near Penang Hill.
 View over Georgetown, Pulau Pinang from Kek Lok Si Temple.
Back to the hotel we took the bus instead of a taxi and I met up with more friends in the evening.
We drove to Queensbay to a pub and played billiard while having some 'Tiger Beers'.
With Wen Chiun & Alex. It was already 1am and nobody is really smiling anymore.... 

All in all, it was a nice short trip but I didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted. Not only because I traveled by myself  but also coz I didn't plan anything at all. Therefore, I spent too much time on the hotel room, thinking about WHERE to go and HOW to go. 
Next time I definitely will change that!!
At least I could get some souvenirs at the night market and on the way up to the temple:
Some plates, keychains, magnets, a card holder, a wallpaper and a STARBUCKS Demitasse Set.

Btw, I booked my flights with Singapore Airline, Malaysia Airline and Lufthansa (domestic flight). The hotel room I booked over!