Tuesday, January 15, 2013

[Holika Holika] Gonyak Soft *JELLY in Cleansing Cream*

Within the last few month [Holika Holika] released some new product lines. One of these is the Gonyak Soft line, whose products are good for dry and sensitive skin, because they are mild and moisturizing.
I got the Gonyak Soft JELLY in Cleansing Cream for make-up removal. The other available products are:
- JELLY in Cleansing Foam
- JELLY Scrub
- PERFECT Bubble Foam
- MOISTURE Cleansing Balm

Description: Mild and moisturizing cleansing with smooth konjac biz. Konjac ingredient that is excellent on hydrolysis of protein cleanses make-up impurities and pores cleanly. Stimulates skin gently and gives massage to create transparent skin.
No-petrol lithium, no-benzophenone, and no-artificial color.
The cleansing cream comes inside a pink jar, contains 150ml and has a white twist-off lid.
The entire description is in Korean only.
Underneath the lid is a second white cover to protect the product inside.
Its main ingredient is Konjac Root Extract (10%)
Compared with other cleansing creams the Gonyak Soft JELLY in Cleansing Cream doesn't have a super smooth and creamy consistency. The white texture is a a mix of cream and jelly.
You can see all the small jelly bits/ clumps inside this cleansing cream.
These jelly bits gentle massage your skin and removes the make-up.
Beside the soft texture it also has a soft and slightly sweet scent, what I really like.
After trying this cleanser out I can say that it removed my make-up very well and left my skin soft afterwards. It even removed my eye make-up without burning in my eyes.
How to use: Pour moderate amount on dry hands, and remove make-up while massaging gently all over face. Wipe off with tissue, and rinse with warm water.

Price: around 13,50,- €/ US$18 
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76)  

What I love: 
It removes make-up well without drying out my skin. 

What I don’t like: 
Nothing yet! 

Will I buy this again? Maybe I will. Would also like to try out the Cleansing Foam and/ or Bubble Foam.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


During October '12 and January '13 I used a cleansing foam from a korean brand I never heard of before. I'm talking about the ACSYS CLEANSING FOAM from [SNP]. [SNP] stands for 'Shining Nature Purity' and this face cleanser belongs to their AC CLEAN SYSTEM line, therefore especially made for oily and trouble/ acne skin.

The whole AC CLEAN SYSTEM line consists of the following products:

[SNP] also offers products for Pore Care, Blackhead Removal, Anti-Aging, Teens Skin, For Men, etc.
Official Website: http://www.snpcos.net/

Description: It is a mild cream cleanser exclusively used for oily and troubled skin. Its fine and rich foam completely washes out wastes in pores as well as makeup residues and horn, and makes oily and troubled skin, which is shiny and sticky due to excessive sebum secretion, clean.
The large tube, which contains the cleansing foam, is white/ orange and contains 150ml. The outer packaging had the same design but I threw it already away.
The description on the tube is in Korean only, I found all the informations online.
The tube has a simple flip-top lid and the cleanser contains the following main ingredients:
BSASM: Restraint of infection-induced cytokine, immune adjustment function, itch relief.
AC.Net: Anti-bacterial and inflammatory function, horn deletion, function on decrease in sebum secretion.
Niacinamide: Cortico reinforcement, moisturizing, anti-aging,whitening, anti-acne.
Allantoin: It is an herbal extract of comfrey and a pure natural ingredient, which is excellent in sedation. As it expedites the growth of new tissue, it helps to manage skin’s minor scar or troubled skin.
The ACSYS CLEANSING FOAM has a white, creamy consistency and a slight citrus scent.
I used it in the evening and it cleansed my face quite well but burned in my eyes and made my skin a bit dry afterwards. I also didn't notice any big inprovement with my skin, that's why I didn't try out another product from this brand yet.
How to use: Pour a suitable amount into the palm of your hand and make enough bubbles with a small amount of water. Then, after scrubbing the whole face softly like doing massage, wash out with tepid water several times.

Price: around 12,- €/ US$15
Bought at: eBay (2010bigbang)   

What I love: 
There is nothing I really love about this product.

What I don’t like: 
My face felt a bit too dry afterwards.

Will I buy this again? No, but some other products seem to be interesting. Hard to find them overseas, though.

[ETUDE HOUSE] Dr. OIL SOLUTION *Anti-Shine Finish Pact*

I'm so sorry, that I update my blog so seldom but I'm too busy with other things, moreover I didn't have many products to review left. But I ordered some new products again and will review them as soon as possible.

Now I will review a face powder which I got a while ago and use already since a few weeks: the Dr. OIL SOLUTION Anti-Shine Finish Pact from [ETUDE HOUSE]. This product line also contains a BB Lotion and a Dual Primer. I'm not sure if these products are still available, though, since I got them back in 2011/ 2012.

Description: Shine control pressed powder supplies moist, flawless complexion coverage finish.
The powder pact comes in a cute, small container which is mainly light blue and contains 11g. The outer packaging is kept in light blue and off-white and has the description in Korean and English on it.
Inside the container is a mirror and a small sponge included.
The Anti-Shine Finish Pact is recommended for oily skin and contains ingredients like Talc, Silica, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Fruit Extract, Cranberry Fruit Extract, Lavender Flower Extract, Castanea Shell Extract and more.
This powder pact is available in one shade only which is a light beige and good enough for my white/ pale skin.
The coverage is not too strong yet good enough for me. If you need a better coverage you should try a different powder like the Strawberry Pore Magic Cover BB Pact [Holika Holika]. Anyway, for me it's ok and I like that it doesn't give me that 'mask-effect'.
The oil control does a good job: my face stays shine-free for a longer time but doesn't last for the whole day, though.
It's a nice powder which I use always over my BB cream. It reminds me somehow of the SHINI STAR Clear Pact, just that this one here is 'beige'. I recently ordered the Cat's Wink Clear Pact by [TONYMOLY] and think that it might be similar to these two products as well.
How to use: Use puff to gather and apply to face. Pat to finish.

Price: around 10,- €/ US$12 
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76)        
What I love: 
The small size, light coverage and that my face stays longer 'matte'.
What I don’t like: 
The oil control could last longer.
Will I buy this again? I think it's not available anymore and I purchased already a similar powder pact.