Sunday, January 19, 2014

[ETUDE HOUSE] Princess Etoinette Winter Collection *Eau de Toilette & Crystal Shine Lips*

After [ETUDE HOUSE]'s very popular Princess Etoinette make-up line they released some new products as Winter 2013 Collection a few months ago. To be honest, I got nothing from the first release even though I found the Heart Blushers very cute... But this time I made sure to grab one of the lipsticks and the fragrance.

The new line consists of the following products:
- Eau de Toilette

- Lipsticks 
- Perfumed Hair Mist
- Hand Creams
- All-Over Powder
- Mirror

Description: All your romantic princess dreams will come true. Girls, be the Princess!

Eau de Toilette:
Description: In Versailles Garden, one peony blossomed at the end of a 60cm long stem just once a year, and Princess Etoinette was fond of this precious flower for its especially elegant scent.
The packages of the new Princess Etoinette Winter 2013 Collection are kept in white, light pink and silver what I really like. You can find the Korean and English description on it.
The fragrance itself comes inside a white and silver bottle with a cute pump and white lace on top. The design was the main reason why I got this Eau de Toilette!
 The scent is hard to describe and I was worried at first that I wouldn't like it because I had no idea how a peony smells like. I was always thinking about a rose and I'm not the biggest rose-scent lover. Anyway, the official site says it has Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Raspberry, Peony, Rose, Jasmine, Sandal Wood and Musk in it.
Surprisingly I like this fragrance a lot!! The floral scent dominates but it's not too overpowering. I use two pumps and that last for many hours.

Crystal Shine Lips:
Description: This perfumed smooth lipstick delivers a surge of moisture and a soft shimmering flush, giving your lips a gorgous look.
The new lipsticks have a white & silver case and comes in three (3) different colors. I got PBE102 (Moon flower under the stars) because I don't really like bold pink or red colors.
Each Crystal Shine Lipstick contains Murmur Butter and Royal Jelly Extracts from France. They are rose-scented and have an imprint.
PBE102 (Moon flower under the stars) is a pinky beige with shimmering pink purple pearls. I often wear this color for work!

Price: Between 10,- € and 16,- €/ US$12-20
Bought at: eBay (f2plus1) 

What I love: 
The design and the scents! I don't really like rose-scents but these are nice.... 

What I don’t like: 
Nothing atm! 

Will I buy this again? No, but I'm still thinking about getting the Heart Blusher from the first release.

[NATURE REPUBLIC] Hawaiian FRESH *Acne Cleanser & Clay Pack*

Until today I didn't find the perfect product for oily skin, enlarged pores or breakouts. Therefore I constantly try out new products and seldom repurchase an previous used one. A few months ago I found the new skincare line from [NATURE REPUBLIC] called Hawaiian FRESH. This line consists of different products like cleansers, toners, body scubs and face masks.
I got the Hawaiian FRESH Acne Cleanser and the Hawaiian FRESH Clay Pack which are recommended for acne/troubled skin. I would also like to try the Mango Pack, though.

Description: Hibiscus flower and Noni Extract offer vitality to skin to create healthy skin.

Acne Cleanser:
Description: Trouble Care & Acne Cleanser for clear skin.
This face wash comes in a 150ml light blue tube and has a pretty painting of the ocean and a palm tree leaf on the front. On the bottom is a white flip-top lid!
The soap-like cleanser has a light floral fragrance and a simple white color. It contains Triclocarban and Hibiscus for healthy skin. Furthermore it contains Pure Clay Water from the Hawaiian sea and Deep Sea Water which is full of minerals.
I currently use this face cleanser in the evening and I like it so far. It makes my skin so clean and smooth after usage without drying my skin out too much (but it might burn when you get it in your eyes).

Clay Pack:
Description: Pore-cleaning Clay Pack that tightens pores, making the skin feel fresh, soft and smooth.
At the moment I prefer to use those sheet masks but I still wanted to try out this Clay Pack for acne skin which comes in a round light blue plastic jar. The jar contains 95ml and has a silver twist-off lid. The jar itself comes inside a clear plastic box!
The pore-cleaning clay pack contains Hibiscus, Noni Extract, Pure Clay and Deep Sea Water.
Hibiscus tightens pores while Noni Extract offers moisture to the skin.
It also contains ingredients like Fig Fruit Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Aloe Vera Juice, Volcanic Ash, Alcohol and more.
The creamy face mask has the same floral scent as the Acne Cleanser and a pinkish-brown color. Just apply the mask to your face and leave it on for 10~15 minutes before you rinse it off.
The Hawaiian FRESH Clay Pack isn't bad and I really like to use it once a week because I do believe it cleanses my pores way better than those sheet masks.
If you got troubled skin and look for a clay pack you can give it a try! It's similar to [Lioele]'s PORE CLEAN & TIGHTENING PACK which I might review soon as well.

Price: Between 14,- € and 18,- €/ US$18-20
Bought at: eBay (kococolor & hsckoreanimport) 

What I love:
It cleanses my skin quite well and has a nice scent!   

What I don’t like:
The Acne Cleanser burns in my eyes - that's all I don't like atm. 

Will I buy this again? I might but I will get the Mango Pack first