Sunday, May 19, 2013

[THE FACE SHOP] Blemish ZERO *Clarifying Toner & Clinic Solution*

I haven't written any reviews in such a long time, I'm sorry for that. But I'm too busy with other things... I'm back to school now and study accounting and balance!!

During the time I was absent I still ordered some Asian skincare products and make-up. One of the products I got was [THE FACE SHOP]'s Blemish ZERO Clarifying Toner and Clinic Solution. This line also contains a Bubble Foam Cleanser and is specially made for adult acne skin/ troubled skin.

Description: A specialized line that cares for adult acne.

Clarifying Toner (Step 2):
 Description: Let's keep it clear. Make your skin glow with this toner which clarifies and evens your skin tone.

The Clarifying Toner is step 2 and you use it after cleansing your face with the Bubble Foam Cleanser or another cleansing foam. The transparent blue bottle with it's silver twist-off lid looks very nice for me. The plastic bottle contains 200ml and has on the back only the description written in Korean.
Beside Sodium Hyaluronate, Natural Origin AHA and Natural Origin BHA, the colorless toner also contains Water, Glycerin, Panthenol, Willow Bark Extract (AHA), Grapefruit Extract, Anise Fruit Extract, Linalool and more.
It is free of Mineral Oil, Alcohol and Synthetic Fragrances.

How to use: After cleansing saturate an appropriate amount on a cotton pad and gently apply using outward motions.

Clinic Solution (Step 3):
Description: Get ready to be surprised! Meet the ultimate solution which can always work magic.

Like the Clarifying Toner, the Clinic Solution also comes in a blue bottle which contains 150ml and comes with a sliver-white pump. This emulsion-like moisturizer is the last step of the Blemish ZERO line!
The moisturizer is also free of Mineral Oil, Alcohol and Synthetic Fragrances. It contains ingredients like Birch Extract, Mung Bean Extract, Natural Origin BHA, Glycerin, Anise Fruit Extract, Grapefruit Extract and a lot more.
The whitish emulsion-like consistency is non-sticky or greasy. The scent reminds me a little bit of a citrus fruit!
How to use: After clarifying toner take an appropriate amount and apply to skin.

After using both acne treatment products for a few weeks now (in the evening only), I can say that I like these products. I won't say that my skin really changed yet but I still like to use them - not only because they are alcohol-free.
Of course, I hope that I will see some improvements with my skin soon...

Price: around 14~16,- €/ US$18~$20
Bought at: eBay  
What I love: 

The alcohol-free formula and the non-greasy moisturizer. The design is also quite nice! 
What I don’t like:
Nothing yet!
Will I buy this again? If I see some improvements with my skin and don't find anything new to try then I might get it again (especially the moisturizer).


  1. What sort of finish does the moisturiser leave? I'm looking for a good mattifying moisturiser for the summer months to come.

    1. Unfortunately, the moisturizer doesn't leave a matte finish. =/
      I use it only in the evening!

  2. Have never heard about it before! Thanks for the review ^.^

  3. I should try this summer ! Thanks for the review !

    Come to see my blog :


  4. I'm looking for a new toner, how you liking this toner so far?

    1. I like this toner so far and would also re-buy it. =)
      It didn't make my skin flawless, though, but it cleanses well and removes dead skin cells. The alcohol-free formula doesn't burn on my skin.

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    3. cool.. thanks for replying,=D

  5. It looks good!i just bought the clean face range from TheFaceShop and can't wait for it to arrived.

    This looks good too! I never really tried TheFaceShop much before but I really wanna try their range :D

  6. hi tahnks for your review? will u please give the ingredient list.. thanks a lot

    1. Sorry, I don't have the products anymore. I would need to check the ingredient list online....

  7. so has your skin improved now after applying this for long?

    1. Oh, I finished these products a long time ago already and didn't repurchase it. It was quite nice but didn't improve my skin at the end. =(