Sunday, November 24, 2013

[ETUDE HOUSE] moonlight in Spoon ~ Blending Sleeping Cream *Evening Primerose*

Not long ago [ETUDE HOUSE] released a new sleeping pack range called the moonlight in Spoon ~ Blending Sleeping Cream. Available is this "overnight" face mask in eight (8) types:
- Blueberry (Antioxidant & Moist)

- Olive (Richly Moist)
- Shea Butter (Nourishing & Moist)

- Royal Jelly (Firm & Moist)
- Rosehip (Bright & Moist)
- Evening Primerose (Shine & Moist)
- Green Tea (Clear & Moist)
- Seaweed (Smooth & Moist)

For now I got Evening Primerose only but would also like to try Green Tea and Seaweed...

Description: This is a Blending Sleeping Cream containing Evening Primerose, Lavender, Chamomile and Mint.
The moonlight in Spoon ~ Blending Sleeping Cream is inside a spoon-like container.
Each spoon contains 6g and is for a single-use only what might make it a rather expensive product - I got 3 of them.
Each type of the sleeping cream comes in another color - Evening Primerose in beige and brown shades. On the back of the packaging is the description in korean as well as in english. The spoon is made of plastic!
How to use this Blending Sleeping Cream?
1. Squeeze paper cover to slightly open up and remove enclosed spoon.
2. Remove sealing cover slowly starting from the end of spoon handle.
3. Break off the spoon from pack container and evenly blend together golden herb water-gel and cream with spoon's smaller end.
4. Pick up blended Sleeping Cream with hands and evenly apply a certain amount onto face. Wear overnight and rinse off with lukewarm water the next day.
You can apply remaining contents onto neck for effective neck care.

Use immediately after opening and do not apply directly onto face with spoon handle!
Sleeping Cream before blending: golden herb water-gel and yellowish white cream.
Sleeping Cream after blending: creamy face mask ready to use.
Till now I tried this product only one time but I kinda like it. I apply the whole pack to my face/neck and wait for a few minutes until it got absorbed and doesn't feel too sticky anymore. The next morning I wash it off - my face feels more soft and less dry.
Evening Primerose is ideal for normal to dry skin but it's also said to be good in treating eczema, acne or rosacea. For oily skin I would recommend to try Green Tea!

Price (for 3): around 6,- €/ US$8
Bought at: eBay (f2plus1) 

What I love:
The cute design and the moisturizing effect.

What I don’t like: 
Each spoon is for a single-use only what makes it an rather pricey product.

Will I buy this again? I might try out one of the other types!


I didn't buy a lot of new BB creams the last months because I wanted to use up the ones I got or tried out CC creams instead. But recently I ordered a few BB creams again and one of these were [Mistine]'s OIL CONTROL BB MOUSSE. I purchased it over eBay from Thailand but the product says it's "Made in Korea".
I've never heard of [Mistine] before but this cosmetic brand seems to be quite popular in Thailand. They sell make-up as well as skin/ body care.

Official Website (Thai):


As the name already says, this BB Mousse is great for people with oily/ combination skin.

Description: The latest BB Mousse from Korea give the soft touch like silk. Dry comfortable and help to skin coverage and perfect oil control. This formula is combination of Light & Smooth Powder Technology which gives soft feeling, instand fill wrinkle to appear smooth skin and UV Protection with SPF25++.

The OIL CONTROL BB MOUSSE comes inside a white/gold-lettered metallic-purple carton.
On the back is the description written in korean and english.
The included tube with the BB Mousse in it contains 15g, has a twist-of lid and comes in the same color as the carton.
To get the product out you simply need to squeeze the tube!
Since the ingredient list is also written in english I can tell that there are no natural ingredients (fruit, veggie or herbal extracts) in it like you may know from many other Korean BB creams.
Some ingredients inside [Mistine]'s BB MOUSSE are Cyclomethicone, Water, Titanium dioxide, Talc, Dipropylene glycol, Dimethicone, Zinc oxide, Silica, Methicone, Fragrance, Propylparaben and more.
The BB Mousse is available in only one shade which I would describe as a light beige without a strong pinkish undertone. The consistency is creamy yet mousse-like and instantly gives a matte, powdery finish. Many other BB creams leave a glowing/shiny finish but this BB Mousse mattifies without the use of a face powder.
The product is light scented and has a medium coverage!
I have oily skin I really like this product! I belong to those who always use a mattifying face powder over foundation but with the OIL CONTROL BB MOUSSE I could easily skip it. Of course, the oil control doesn't last for hours but still better than many other BB creams I used.

Price: around 6,- €/ US$8 
Bought at: eBay (bestforyou2555) 

What I love:
The instantly matte finish!! 

What I don’t like: 
Nothing yet except the fact that there are no natural ingredients inside. 

Will I buy this again? Yes, for this price I will!!!