Sunday, March 16, 2014

Product Haul: ETUDE HOUSE, MIZON, Holika Holika, Secretkey/Secret Kiss, TONYMOLY, Lioele, ElishaCoy, NATURE REPUBLIC, TOSOWOONG

I have to announce that I will quit blogging soon... I work now for a tax accountancy firm as accountant (full-time) and I'm too busy to write reviews. Furthermore, I'm just not motivated enough anymore to review the view products I buy.

I will concentrade more on my new job now and plan to go to Japan and Taiwan this year as well as back to Australia (and Singapore) next year. Of course I will buy more asian cosmetics while I visit these countries....

Anyway, one of my last blog entries will just be an overview of products I purchased but never reviewed.

[ETUDE HOUSE] Moistfull SUPER Collagen Multi Stick:
 The Moistfull SUPER Collagen Multi Stick from [ETUDE HOUSE] contains 58% SUPER COLLAGEN and can be applied on every part of the body.
I use it only on my face on areas which are often dry and flaky. The stick-type is light scented and does moisturize instantly. I apply it before my face cream.

[Holika Holika] Milky Veil Pore Cover B.B:
When I ordered [Holika Holika]'s Milky Veil Pore Cover B.B I thought that it would be a primer but later noticed that it is a BB cream.
This pore covering BB cream is available in one shade only which is a rather light beige.
The creamy texture is easy to spread and covers smaller pores quite well. Bigger pores are still visible, though.

 [NATURE REPUBLIC]'s FRESH STEAM CREAM is one of my favorite face creams. It contains Shea Butter which is good in moisturizing your skin and is available for oily skin what is perfect for me.
When I apply the cream my skin looks shiny and greasy first but after it got absorbed it doesn't feel or look oily anymore.

 The HYDRA-FULL SOLUTION WATER VOLUME AQUA GEL CREAM from [MIZON] was also a quite good moisturizer.
This gel-type face cream is oil free and therefore also good for oily skin. It moisturized and made my skin more sleek. I often used it as a make-up base.

Some of the face cleanser I used in the past months...
[MIZON]'s PORE REFINE DEEP CLEANSING FOAM contains cooling menthol and some pore cleansing beads.

 [Secretkey]'s Honey Bee AC Control Foaming Cleanser and AC Control Emulsion are good for troubled/acne skin and gentle enough for sensitive skin. They released these products with a new design recently and I got another tube of the Foaming Cleanser as well as of the Spot Remover

 The Tea Tree Seed Foam Cleanser from [TONYMOLY] is quite cheap for the big tube. It's available in 3 kinds as well as make-up remover cleansing creams. I got the Tea Tree Seed one because I hope that it will be good for acne skin...

 I really seldom buy products of [Lioele] but I got this PORE CLEAN & TIGHTENING PACK when I was looking for a new mud mask that cleanses my pores.
The greyish mask is easy to spread on my face but a little hard to wash off after it dried up.
My skin looks cleaner and mattyfied afterwards!

[ETUDE HOUSE] Dear Girls Be Clear BB Cream & Pact:
 I got the Be Clear Pact and Be Clear BB Cream of [ETUDE HOUSE]'s Dear Girls line already a while ago. I haven't used the powder pact till today but the BB Cream is quite nice.
The tube comes with a pump and the color of this creamy BB Cream is bright enough for my skin.

[Holika Holika] Hello Holika! Blusher "Breeze Kitten":

[ETUDE HOUSE x MINNIE] Wink LASH & Kissing LIPS "Bubble Pink":


[Secret Kiss] LET ME KNOW CC cream:

[ETUDE HOUSE] I'M BLOOMING Sebum Control Mist:



  1. I regret to read you won't be posting again. Well, I understand the lack of time now that you're working full time.
    I wouldn't mind mini-reviews such as the one you did for this haul post whenever you feel like it.

  2. Did you like Tosowoong Pore Tightening serum?

  3. aww sorry to hear you're quitting. But good for you on refocusing on your career! Best of luck!

    Add me via GFC or Youtube and I will always follow back :)
    xoxo, Mango ❤
    Blog | Video

  4. O.o I will miss your reviews ~~ Good luck on your career :)
    These are really nice orıducts and I want to have most of them :D

  5. I thinks this is my first time or second time commenting here. I found your blog last year. And today, while i was reading your post happily I saw that you're going to stop writing :(
    I well understand that you may not have time anymore but I hope everything goes well and you won't stop writing.
    Also thank you for everything as so far
    Good luck!

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  7. Sorry to bother u, but can I use the Nature Republic steam cream right after toner ? Or I need to apply another lotion/ cream before applying steam cream ? How do u use it in your skincare routine ? ^^