Monday, June 25, 2012

[Holika Holika] Soda Pore Cleansing *Light Cleansing Oil*

Last year [Holika Holika] released the Soda Pore Cleansing line which is similar to [ETUDE HOUSE]'s Baking Powder products. I already reviewed the O2 Bubble Mask and the Powder Wash. Today I'm gonna review the cleansing oil of this line: the Soda Pore Cleansing Light Cleansing Oil. This one shall be good for oily skin - it's also available as a B.B Deep Cleansing Oil (removes even waterproof make-up).

Description: Rich with Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E rich Grape Seed Oil. Skin feels moisturized and smooth even after cleansing.
The blueish, translucent bottle contains 150ml and is made of plastic with a sticker around it. It comes with a pump and you can find the description on the bottom (Korean only).
The Light Cleansing Oil contains some of the following ingredients:
Sparkling Water, Argan Oil: Removes make-up, BB cream and skin wastes. Deeply cleanses pores.
Grape Seed Oil: Essential Fatty Acid and Vitamin E protect the skin from external stimuli and removes skin wastes.
Lemon, Alpine Herb: Supply rich nutrients and brightens the skin tone.
Harrogate Sparkling Water: Supplies abundant minerals to the skin.
The Cleansing Oil is colorless and has a lemon/ citrus-like scent. I use 2~3 pumps and massage the oil over my whole face to remove make-up. I noticed that this oil isn't as 'runny' on my skin as other cleansing oils I tried before. It rather feels like it 'sticks' on my face like a gel...
When I get the product in my eyes it starts to burn!! That's something I don't like.
For the example pics I used the following products (left to right):
Lipgloss, Lipstick, Mascara, Kajal, Eyeshadow(s) and BB Cream.
I applied a few drops of the oil on my arm/ the make-up (pic above).
After massaging the oil onto my skin (pic below):
I removed it with a tissue and as you can see there're just a few residues of the mascara and kajal left. After I washed my arm with water it was gone as well.
How to use: Use a adequate amount and massage it over your face. Remove the residues with warm water or a cleansing foam.

Price: around 16,- €/ US$20
Bought at: eBay (BELLOGIRL)   
What I love: 
The oil does rather stick to my face and isn't too runny. The scent is also nice, plus it removes make-up quite well.

What I don’t like: 
The product burns in my eyes. Not so good coz I use it as eye make-up remover, too.
Will I buy this again? No, will try other ones (as always).


  1. Hi Tira, thanks for the demo. Looks like it worked pretty well to remove makeup but reading that it stings your eyes, and that it did leave some mascara and liner residue I don't I would try this product. I primarily use makeup remover to remove eye makeup.

    1. Maybe the B.B Deep Cleansing Oil works better in removing stuff like mascaras etc. =/

  2. Oh nooo! i had such great hopes for this cute little bottle of soda :'(

    1. The product isn't that bad... it just burns in my eyes (like many other products do, too) and it doesn't remove 100% of the eye make-up... The B.B Deep Cleansing Oil might work better...

  3. Aw, too bad it burns the eyes. :( Thanks for sharing though! Package is super cute.

  4. i love the packaging! so cute... i tried the facial foam version of this, and i like it..

    1. I got the Facial Foam as well but didn't try it yet. =)

  5. Soda sounds more appealing than Baking Powder, hehe. The packaging is really cute, such a nice blue. Ahh sorry to hear it burns your eyes though, that's definitely not good.