Thursday, January 10, 2013

[ETUDE HOUSE] Dr. OIL SOLUTION *Anti-Shine Finish Pact*

I'm so sorry, that I update my blog so seldom but I'm too busy with other things, moreover I didn't have many products to review left. But I ordered some new products again and will review them as soon as possible.

Now I will review a face powder which I got a while ago and use already since a few weeks: the Dr. OIL SOLUTION Anti-Shine Finish Pact from [ETUDE HOUSE]. This product line also contains a BB Lotion and a Dual Primer. I'm not sure if these products are still available, though, since I got them back in 2011/ 2012.

Description: Shine control pressed powder supplies moist, flawless complexion coverage finish.
The powder pact comes in a cute, small container which is mainly light blue and contains 11g. The outer packaging is kept in light blue and off-white and has the description in Korean and English on it.
Inside the container is a mirror and a small sponge included.
The Anti-Shine Finish Pact is recommended for oily skin and contains ingredients like Talc, Silica, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Fruit Extract, Cranberry Fruit Extract, Lavender Flower Extract, Castanea Shell Extract and more.
This powder pact is available in one shade only which is a light beige and good enough for my white/ pale skin.
The coverage is not too strong yet good enough for me. If you need a better coverage you should try a different powder like the Strawberry Pore Magic Cover BB Pact [Holika Holika]. Anyway, for me it's ok and I like that it doesn't give me that 'mask-effect'.
The oil control does a good job: my face stays shine-free for a longer time but doesn't last for the whole day, though.
It's a nice powder which I use always over my BB cream. It reminds me somehow of the SHINI STAR Clear Pact, just that this one here is 'beige'. I recently ordered the Cat's Wink Clear Pact by [TONYMOLY] and think that it might be similar to these two products as well.
How to use: Use puff to gather and apply to face. Pat to finish.

Price: around 10,- €/ US$12 
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76)        
What I love: 
The small size, light coverage and that my face stays longer 'matte'.
What I don’t like: 
The oil control could last longer.
Will I buy this again? I think it's not available anymore and I purchased already a similar powder pact.


  1. HEY welcome back ^_^ I love to read your blog so I'm glad to see you posting again (:

    1. Thanks! =) Can't wait to receive my new stuff and write reviews about some new products from Holika Holika, Tonymoly and EH. =)

  2. do this item still available?i thought EH discontinued it already..

    1. Yeah, i think EH doesn't sell it anymore. I bought it last year. =)

  3. *0* This seems sooo good! I never saw it on Etude so I'm going to have to search for this!
    It does look just like Shinistar clear compact >3<
    Thank chu for sharing this! ❤

    1. Might be that EH discontinued this product line already. ><
      But yeah, it's similar to the SHINISTAR clear pact just a different color. =)

  4. Its not available.. at least online.. haha! my brother used this and said it was good. but we forgot what its called. and so I googled and boom found your blog., haha nothing.. just sharing :)