Saturday, July 28, 2012

[ETUDE HOUSE] BeBe gentle cream

Actually, I wanted to write a review about the [Holika Holika] Egg Soap (white) I got over a year ago and which is very popular. But after I opened the container today I saw that the white egg became yellowish and feels oily somehow. I guess it's a bit too old already, therefore I don't think I will further use it.
Nevertheless, I used one of these eggs when I got them 2011 and I still remember that the white egg soap made my skin super sleek and pores became smaller after washing my face, but it also felt a bit dry. I was thinking about ordering the black (charcoal) egg soap or the ones from [TONYMOLY]  but since I own too many other cleansing foams I didn't do it till now.

Another product I got not long ago is the BeBe gentle cream from [ETUDE HOUSE] which I use always after taking shower. You can also get a foot mask and a elbow mask from this line!

Description: A gently body massage cream supplies moisturising, elasticity and soothing care with natural ingredients.
The gentle cream comes in a large, flat tube, contains 150ml and has a flip-top lid. The pastel green tube with the cute prints on it looks very nice! The description on the back is in Korean and English!
The active main ingredients are Microemulsion A, Salicylic Acid, Urea and Shea Butter. Some other ingredients are Oatmeal, Lily Extract and Cactus Flower Extract!
The consitency of the BeBe gentle cream is non-greasy and slightly thicker than a body lotion. It reminds me rather of a body milk or sunscreen milk. 
This cream might also be great for people who doesn't like strong perfumed products coz the scent is super soft.
Since the cream has a slight sticky texture you have to massage and pat it into your skin for better absorbtion. I apply it after taking shower, concentrating on dry body areas, and I love the smooth feeling afterwards.
I would like to try out the BeBe foot mask as well but I'll get a similar product from [TONYMOLY] first!
How to use: Apply cream to any part of body by massaging into skin. 

Price: around 13,- €/ US$16
Bought at: eBay (zinopark)     

What I love: 
The cute design, soft scent and smooth feeling it leaves on my skin! 

What I don’t like: 
Nothing yet! 

Will I buy this again? I don't think so! It's a bit pricey and I think I will get another body lotion instead. But would like to get the BeBe foot mask, though!


  1. the "eggs" are super cute!!


    1. They're nice but I threw the second one away. It didn't look good anymore.. ><

  2. I wanted to get the egg soap but wasn't confident in it.. After reading your review, I think I'll get it. thanks! :D

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  4. is it ok to use this for facial care?