Saturday, September 1, 2012

[ETUDE HOUSE] AC Clinic Daily Sun BB

The last BB Cream I received a few weeks ago is from [ETUDE HOUSE]'s product line for acne-prone/ troubled skin: the AC Clinic Daily Sun BB.
This BB Cream is kinda new in the AC Clinic line and might be interesting for people who already own some of the other products (like me).

Description: Formulated with Salicylic Acid and Hinoki Cypress, AC Clinic delivers trouble care. UV protection BB Cream supplies natural expression coverage with a non-comedogenic formula. SPF30/PA++
The outer packaging and the tube are green-colored, like all products in the AC Clinic line. On the box is the whole description written in korean and a few things in english, while the tube doesn't have many informations.
The green tube is flat, contains 50g and has a twist-off lid.
Beside Salicylic Acid and Hinoki Cypress the Daily Sun BB also contains Water, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Arbutin, Panthenol, Papaya Fruit Extract, Garlic Bulb Extract, Onion Bulb Extract, Wintergreen Leaf Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Oil and more.
The slightly creamy BB Cream is available in only one shade, which I would describe as a rather light beige with a hint of pink. This shade is okay for my pale, sometimes reddish skin tone. The Sun BB feels a bit moisturizing, has a medium yet natural coverage and leaves a slight matte finish. I like its scent coz it's not as strong as from the other AC Clinic products.
It probably got its name 'Sun BB' coz of its SPF30 only, so I will use it on colder days as well. 
I like the coverage, even though I need to use a concealer sometimes. 
My skin still starts to get oily after a while and I don't think that it will cure from acne. It might help to dry out some skin blemishes, though!
How to use: Apply cream to all areas of the face. Pat to finish.

Price: around 14,- €/ US$17   
Bought at: eBay (        
What I love: 
The natural coverage and non-oily formula.
What I don’t like: 
Nothing at the moment!       
Will I buy this again? I probably would, but will look for new BB Creams again coz it's not working perfectly for me.


  1. this seems like a really good bb cream, i have blemish prone skin, does it cover pores well?

    1. It doesn't cover pores perfectly but it's still ok. I use a pore/ face primer under it, though! o3o

  2. Thank you for the review :) I love Etude products and I haven't tried this BB cream yet! You are welcome to check out my blog I have written a few Etude House reviews <3

  3. Finally found review about this bb cream. thanks :)
    I have planned to purchase it before, coz think my skin is acne-prone and i like etude ac clinic series.
    Is the coverage good?

    1. The coverage is is light to medium. I need to use a concealer anyway.
      If you want better coverage you could try out [Holika Holika]'s Clearing Petit BB. =)

  4. First of all, I must say I loved your blog, it's already on my favorites list, liked your reviews very much, we get details and realistic opinions about the products, thank you very much!
    This BB sounds interesting, and since I'm planning of purchasing one, I'll think about it as an option (I'm thinking about SKIN FOOD sake peach BB, for oily skin).
    Aaah! I reaaally wanna know what are your current impressions at Etude house COLLAGEN moistfull firming eye cream and that wonder pore freshner, are you liking it? ^^

    1. Hi! Thank you! ^^
      I reveiewed already the Peach Sake BB and I don't like it a lot coz the color is too pinkish for me.For oily skin I prefer oil free BB Creams!
      I finished the COLLAGEN moistfull eye cream already and I kinda liked it. It moisturized my eye area well but I didn't notice that my fine lines are reduced. I use another hydro eyecream now! =)
      The WONDER PORE fresner is also ok. I currently use it just every few days since I use another toner atm. I can't see that my pores became smaller etc., though. Maybe just coz I don't use it daily.

    2. Thanks dear!~~ ^^
      Those hints were useful, I'll be looking forward for your review about the new eye cream (since I also have fine lines in this region, and want to do something to reduce and prevent them besides moisturizing! XD)
      About the BB, I'll look for one oil free, because besides my skin being oily, the weather here in Brazil is HOOOOT and sometimes humid too, so, if I don't use the right thing, you can imagine the distaster! XD
      Ah, I saw your pictures at facebook, girl, you look like a doll! ≧ω≦

    3. Thanks! =) I will probably take some new pics of myself tmr. Didn't take new ones in a long time already.
      I don't think I wll review the new eyecream I use coz it's just a German drugstore brand - not from Asia. ;)

      Yeah, I got oily skin as well and look all shiny after a few hours. Oil-free BB Creams working good on me. Like the ones from ecórre or THE FACE SHOP. =)

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  6. Yo pienso que si uno se quiere deshacerse del acné es usando no solo la BB Cream sino usando más productos que promuevan este cambio, como una limpieza facial dos veces por semana, Foam (en mi caso de la misma línea de Etude House - AC Clinic)es decir por alguna razón es que sale todo como un pack. A mi me encanta la línea Etude House. (aunque la verdad no creo que sea TOTALMENTE, tal vez aún salga uno que otro)
    El Wonder Pore de Etude House me lo han recomendado bastante, pronto lo compraré; aunque no es barato, creo que vale la pena. ¿Será?

  7. i've been using this product lately. bought this one because i need more sun protection since i live in tropical country.

  8. Itz vry nc...really i like it :)