Saturday, August 25, 2012

[baviphat] Natural Pure Peach Facial Foam

One of the first cleansing foams I purchased from a Korean brand was [baviphat]'s Natural Pure Peach Facial Foam. I got it back in 2011 but just started to use it a week ago!
You can get different kinds of the Facial Foam, as well as Cleansing Creams for make-up removal and Shower Gels.

Cleansing Creams:
- Natural Pure Peach Cleansing Cream
- Natural Pure Aloe Drop Cleansing Cream
- Natural Pure Avocado Cleansing Cream
- Natural Pure Lemon Cleansing Cream
Facial Foams:
- Natural Pure Peach Facial Foam
- Natural Pure Aloe Drop Facial Foam
- Natural Pure Avocado Facial Foam
- Natural Pure Lemon Facial Foam
Bubble Showers:
- Natural Pure Peach Fresh Up Bubble Shower
- Natural Pure Avocado Relaxing Bubble Shower
- Natural Pure Lemon Brightening Bubble Shower
- Natural Pure Soft Milk Relaxing Bubble Shower

I got the peach one because at eBay they said that this cleansing foam controls sebum and can reduce the pores size. But it's also very good for dry skin!

Description: A luxurious facial cleanser formulated with peach extract to help keep skin soft and well-hydrated with regular use. Recommended for dry and mature skin types.
With 200ml content, the Natural Pure Peach Facial Foam is the biggest cleansing foam I own. Other facial cleansers usually got just 120~150ml.
The squeeze-out tube is kept in a very light yellowish-beige, with a orange sticker around it which got a 'peach' print on it. As many cleansing foams inside a tube it has a simple flip-top lid!
The description is completely in korean but I found some informations online. Therefore, I can tell you the main ingredients of the Peach Facial Foam:
Peach: Sebum Control, Dead Skin Cell Removal, Skin Protection
Japanese Apricot: Anti-microbial Effect, Dead Skin Cell Removal
Cucumber: Elastic Skin, Minimizing Pores
Portulaca: Cleansing Effect, Anti-inflammatory Effect
The white foam has a thick & creamy consistency with a soft peachy scent. I like that the scent is not too fruity and overpowering.
I use this cleanser currently in the morning only coz of its moisturizing effect. It doesn't dry out my skin as much as some other soapy cleansers do. All in all, a nice facial foam for daily use but not really the right one for very oily skin!
How to use: Squeeze out a small amount of cleanser onto palm and rub hands together to create a generous lather. Apply lather on skin and gently massage onto face. Rinse thoroughly and then pat skin dry.

Price: around 11,- €/ US$14  
Bought at: eBay (bello-girl)        
What I love: 
The soft scent and that it doesn't dry out my skin too much.
What I don’t like: 
Nothing at the moment!    

Will I buy this again? The product isn't too bad but I won't buy it again!

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