Sunday, August 5, 2012

[Holika Holika] Strawberry Pore Magic Cover BB Pact *Light Beige*

During my Korea trip in 2011 I went to the [Holika Holika] stores at LOTTE WORLD and Myeong-dong. I purchased just a few things there, one of these was the Pore Cover BB Pact in #2 Natural Beige of the Strawberry Pore Magic Cover line.
Back home I ordered another Pore Cover BB Pact and the Pore Cover Mousse BB Balm. Both products changed its designs!!
I can say that I didn't like the Mousse BB Balm at all because it made my skin super dry and flaky - especially when applied with the included sponge. My face looked awful! I think I threw it away before I finished the product.

All products available in the Strawberry Pore Magic Cover line:
- Pore Cover Mousse Starter
- Pore Cover Sealer
- Pore Cover Mousse BB Balm (Light Beige/ Natural Beige)
- Pore Cover BB Pact (Light Beige/ Natural Beige)
- Pore Cover Powder

Today I wanna review the old version of the Pore Cover BB Pact in #1 Light Beige!

Description: Lightweight Pore Cover BB Pact perfectly covers blemished and other imperfections. Evens out the skintone like porcelain with high coverage. Berry Mix Complex and mineral water helps condition and nourish the skin. SPF35 PA++
The outer packaging is kept in metalic pink and has a strawberry print on the front and back. Most of the description is written in Korean, just a few things are in English.
The old version of the BB Pact comes in a compact powder case which is also silver and pink. It conatins 11g and includes a mirror and a sponge.
The powder contains a mix of berries: Strawberry (0,025ppm), Blueberry and Raspberry
I can't read the other ingredients well.
The compact powder has an strawberry imprint and smells fruity. #1 Light Beige suits my natural skin tone well and the coverage is also very good. Sadly, I tend to apply too much product, so that it looks like a 'mask'. I already apply it with a powder brush instead of the sponge but the result still doesn't satisfy me.
I like the good coverage and that it covers most of my pores but I dislike that it makes me look like wearing a mask (that's something I will work on, though). I also think that it gives me breakouts but I don't wanna blame the powder for it coz I'm not sure about that.
How to use: Lightly apply proper amount over entire face. Pat firmly on creases.

Price: around 15,- €/ US$18.50
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76)        

What I love: 
The fruity scent and good coverage.
What I don’t like: 
Makes me look like wearing a mask. The oil control is not perfect and I think it gives me breakouts. 
Will I buy this again? Nope, I definitely won't! The powder pacts from [ETUDE HOUSE] work better for me.


  1. I love the packaging of this product so cute!

    1. Yeah, but the new version looks different. =)

  2. The design in the product is so cute. XD Too bad this feels like a masky! :(~
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Maybe I just put on too much of it but on the other side I did the same with other compact powders and didn't feel like wearing a mask. So, I like the 'Precious Mineral Powder Pact' from ETUDE HOUSE more. =)

  3. Hey thanks for the review! One less product to purchase :) x

  4. omg what a cute packgaing >_<

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