Saturday, August 11, 2012

[ecórre] EX BB Cream (Blemish Balm)

While browsing for new items at eBay I stumbled several times over a BB Cream from [ecórre].
I found it interesting but I never wanted to spend lotsa $$$ for a big tube. In addition, this BB Cream isn't available in a wide range of colors, so I scared that the only available beige shade might be too dark for my pale skin (again). Therefore, I was more than happy when I found a seller who sells the [ecórre] EX BB Cream in a small 15ml trial size.
Since this BB Cream is OIL FREE it's also good for combination/ oily skin!

Official Website:
Btw, [ecórre] is endorsed by korean girl group KARA (카라).

Description: This unique professional formula containing innovative active ingredients aims at covering skin imperfections, concealing blemishes, and activating skin rejuvenation, it soothes red, irritated skin while providing moisture to skin.
The whitish/ beige paper box looks very simple and has the description in korean and english on it. Inside is the small, flat beige-colored tube with 15ml content. The twist-off lid is black and you need to squeeze the BB Cream out of the tube.
The ingredient list on the packaging is written in korean only what makes it rather difficult for me to read. But it contains Kava Kava Extract, Lavender Extract, Argan Oil and Argireline.
It also comes with SPF30 PA+++!!
The creamy consistency has a good coverage and moisturizes without leaving a greasy feeling. This BB Cream is available in one shade only which is a rather light beige with a greyish undertone. I compared the color with some other BB Creams I own and can say that the beige shade is to 90% the same as [Holika Holika]'s Baby Bloom Light BB Cream and [THE FACE SHOP]'s Oil-Free BB Cream.
The fresh scent reminds me of something but I can't tell what it is....
The [ecórre] EX BB Cream is a nice product coz it is oil free and covers my blemishes quite well - similar to the [MISSHA] M PERFECT COVER B.B
I didn't notice many breakouts yet but my skin starts to get oily after a while (as always). But that might also come from the wrong face creams/ primers/ BB Pacts I use or just from my oily skin.
How to use: Apply proper amount on the entire face and spread onto the whole face.
It can also be used as a make up base.

Price (15ml): around 2,50,- €/ US$3 
Bought at: eBay (bestsky2011)        

What I love: 
The good coverage, fresh scent and non-oily formula. 
What I don’t like: 
There is nothing I really dislike atm!
Will I buy this again? No! It was nice to get a trial size to try it out but will buy another BB Cream again.


  1. Never heard of this brand/BB Cream? Which BB creams are the best for very oily skin in your opinion? I'm thinking about my sister, whose skin gets oily real quick too.

    1. Actually, every BB Cream I tried gets oily/ shiny after a while - some faster some slowlier. I prefer the 'Oil-Free BB Cream' from THE FACE SHOP and the 'Baby Bloom BB' from Holika Holika. baviphat's 'Magic Girls Plus BB Cream (Fresh for Oily Skin)' is also not too bad. =)

  2. Got this one 2 month ago and I use it everyday (almost). I also have oily/acne skin. Seems it's work well, I can's notice any "-" for this bb, but I should say that Ecorre is my first bb cream =) Thx for the Face Shop BB - I think it will be my second cream.

    1. THE FACE SHOP Oil-Free BB is one of my favorites so far. =)