Thursday, August 23, 2012

[SKINFOOD] Glacier Water Gel Mask (Toning & Soothing)

One of [SKINFOOD]'s latest product line contains products with different kinds of water: Thermal Water, Glacier Water and Deep Sea Water. Since the products are a bit pricey for me I just got the Glacier Water Gel Mask which is recommended as after-sun care or for irritated/ oily skin
Still thinking about getting either the Thermal Water or Glacier Water Multi Gel, though (at least as samples).

The complete line consists of the following products:
- Thermal Water Multi Toner (Hydrating & Softening)
- Thermal Water Multi Gel
- Thermal Water Gel Mask
- Glacier Water Multi Toner (Toning & Soothing)
- Glacier Water Multi Gel
- Glacier Water Gel Mask
- Deep Sea Water Multi Toner (Brightening)
- Deep Sea Water Multi Gel
- Deep Sea Water Gel Mask

Description: A glacier water-infused cooling hydrogel mask that seals moisture skin as it gradually melts over time.
*Glacier Water Story: Pure glacier water is naturally alkalescent and enriched with oxygen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and other beneficial minerals.
The pouch contains only one (1) sheet for a single-use (24g). The Glacier Water products got an 'iceberg and blue water' print on the front which looks like an oil painting - quite nice!
While the description is in korean and english, the ingredient list is written on the back of the pouch in korean only. However, I still can read some ingredients like Allantoin, Panthenol and Binghasu (Glacier Water) 200ppm.
The sheet mask doesn't look like it's made of cotton, like many other sheets. Together with the light scented solution it feels more gel-like. In addition, this sheet mask has two parts: one part for the forehead, nose and eye area and another part for the chin and mouth area.
You can use both sides of the sheets!
I applied the Glacier Water Gel Mask after washing/ toning my face and waited for about 30 minutes, then I removed the sheets without washing the remaining solution off.
The Gel Mask has a light cooling effect and it left a film on my skin afterwards. The film didn't feel greasy or sticky at all - it was rather like an protecting film. Therefore, I think it's especially good for sunburned skin!
How to use: Open the pouch and remove the film from the mask.Apply the mask to the face, and then remove after 20 to 30 minutes. For best results, use immediately after sun exposure or to soothe irritated skin. (Either side of the mask can be worn.)

Price: around 5,- €/ US$6 
Bought at: eBay (        

What I love: 
The cooling effect and the nice, protecting film afterwards.
What I don’t like: 
It's a bit pricey for just one sheet! 

Will I buy this again? I would, but not for this price! Might get the Multi Gel (as samples), though.


  1. just got it today!

  2. i wanna try that! i love masks with cooling effect :) thanks alot for sharing. XO

    1. You will get a better cooling effect when you put the mask in a fridge before usage. ^^

  3. God! I totally needed something like this last week. I went to the beach and I found that my skin was super red and irritaded. This would had be nice!!
    Lovely and super truthfull review like always.

    1. Another good thing is aloe vera gel. That helps by sunburned skin, too. ^^
      Thanks! =)

  4. what? i only got that for 2$ sold online

    1. Yap, I paied about US$6 for a sheet at eBay. Includes the shipping costs from Korea, though.

  5. Thank you so much for the review, I was unsure if I should purchase this, but I will be right now after reading this ^^