Friday, May 31, 2013

[MIZON] Flawless Skin CORRECT COMBO CREAM *CC cream*

I'm pretty sure that everybody heard about the BB cream follower: CC cream.
As a BB cream lover I couldn't resist to get one of these new 'Color Correcting' creams to see if they are worth the hype. The Korean skincare brand [MIZON] is a rather new brand for me and because some of their products are quite interesting, I ordered its CORRECT COMBO CREAM (together with some other products from the same brand).
[MIZON] was the first brand who released a CC cream and with 58,000 won (approx. US$40) it wasn't really cheap - I still wonder why its price on eBay is just about US$15?!

Official Website:

Description: Flawless Skin! Functional Concentrated Multi Cream. Anti-Wrinkle/ Whitening/ SPF25 PA++
Powerful Ingredients Improve Skin Texture And Radiance.

The CORRECT COMBO CREAM doesn't have that colorful and/or cute design we know from products of [ETUDE HOUSE] or [Lioele]. The outer box is black and came sealed with a silver sticker on top. Beside the few sentences on the front there is nothing else written in English, so I had to get the informations from websites.
The tube inside the box is white with black letters and a silver 'pump' on the bottom. Compared with BB cream tubes this one here is very long and rather slim. It contains 35ml what should last for awhile.
Btw, you can get this CC cream also in a container instead of a tube!
This CC cream contains Birch Sap instead of Water! Some other ingredients are Desert Plants, Argan Oil, Moringa Milk Plant, Collagen, Elastin, Ceramide, 40 types of moisture ingredients and more.
The light creamy texture has a whitish color with lotsa visible micro color capsules. These capsules break off on the surface of the skin and change to a beige color, matching ones skin tone.
Before I got the CC cream I was a bit scared that the color won't suit my skin tone because I already tried skin matching foundations/ BB creams before and the colors were most of the time too dark for my pale skin. Therefore I'm more than happy that [MIZON]'s CORRECT COMBO CREAM suits my skin tone perfectly.
I use just one pump and that's enough to cover up most skin blemishes (well, not 100% but still good enough for me)! If you need high coverage you should better stick to BB creams since CC creams even out ones skin tone with light coverage only!!
It also brightens up my skin tone without looking like a dead corpse afterwards and reduce skin redness.
Even though it doesn't contain a strong sebum control my skin looks less shiny after 5+ hours (I don't live in a humid country, though).
I used the CC cream for the last few days and I really love it. I like it even more than most of my BB creams!
Currently I use it together with [ElishaCoy]'s MOIST UP SUPER HYALURONE CREAM, [ETUDE HOUSE]'s Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base and [TONYMOLY]'s BABY DOLL BB POWDER (mixed with some [POND'S] Magic Powder in 'Sweetie Pink' for better oil-control).

Price: around 12,- €/ US$15 
Bought at: eBay (f2plus1)       

What I love:    
The color, the natural coverage without using a lot of product and the non-greasy formula. 

What I don’t like: 
Absolutely nothing yet! 

Will I buy this again? I'm already thinking about getting a back-up of this CC cream. Would like to try out another one, though, but I'm scared that the result won't be as good as [MIZON]'s. 
Maybe will try [ETUDE HOUSE]'s 'Silky' CC cream, though.


  1. Thanks for posting this review :) I tried my first sample of CC cream today...I dont think it was as good as yours :(

    1. Which CC cream did you use? I guess many ppl prefer BB creams, though. o3o

  2. I got Etude House CC cream sample, opened it, tried it on my hand, and threw it away :D It looked too oily and weird.

    1. Oh really?! o.O Miozon is the first CC cream I tried and I don't find it oilier than BB creams. Not sure about Etude House CC cream... Maybe I should get samples, too, before I buy another full size.

  3. I really wanna try cc cream, but still searching for the right one. Anyway is that Ok if I only use cc cream after the skin care not apply any base also no need apply bb cream or foundation after it?

    1. Guess it's ok if you apply CC cream without a primer or a powder on top. =)
      I do it coz I got oily skin and enlarged pores. A primer will help to cover up pores and the CC cream will last longer. The same for the powder... keeps my skin longer matte. ;)

  4. Thanks for the review. It was very helpful!
    I would to get a CC cream but there are so many out there, I don't know which to choose! I'm afraid they might be too light for my skin tone.

  5. I found it on ebay too on a very good price. Do you think that that huge price difference is because on ebay they are selling a fake product?

    I'm really interested to buy it and test it.

  6. PS. That is my first visit on your blog. I like your reviews, you are doing a really good job. Keep doing it ;)
    (you don't need to aprove this comment)

  7. Oh I really love your blog! Thank you for this post, I really wanna try cc cream and I'm gonna look for it in Korea soon...not sure about what try yet lol

    ps: can i suggest you something? Did you think about make a list of all the products you reviewed? Maybe it'd be usefull...just my thought ^^

    Thankyu for your hard job kkkk

  8. Your review made me buy this cc cream, can't wait till it arrives! ^^ Thanks for the detailed review!~ ^^