Sunday, March 10, 2013

[ETUDE HOUSE] Sweet Recipe

After Princess Etoinette, [ETUDE HOUSE]'s most popular product line from 2012/ 2013 seems to be Sweet Recipe. Of course, I also checked out the products from this new line but unfortunately I found nothing really interesting at first, except for the nail polishes.
So, the first product I ordered was the Icecream Nail Polish in #4 Strawberry Star Candy. Afterwards, I somehow got more and more interested in other products and so I had some more stuff in my shopping card:
- Icecream Nails (#1 Mint Choco Chip & #3 Apricot Candy)
- Almond Chip Cookie Pact

- Cupcake All Over Color (#OR202 Peach Sugar Cake)
- Chocolate Eyes
- Chocolate Smudge Liner
- Chocostick Liner Brush

Description: You're invited to the Sweet Cookie House with irresistible desserts and delicious colors.
Since there are already soooo many reviews about this products I will try to keep it short.

Icecream Nails:
 Description: Colored sweet like icecream. Soft texture that makes nails melt little by little as sweet icecream.

The Icecream Nail Polishes are, as far as I know, peoples favorites. I find them very cute as well and that's why I got 3 out of 4 colors. I didn't get #2 Lemon Sherbet because I don't like yellow colors a lot.
Each color comes inside a glass flacon with 10ml inside and a lid on top that looks like a cone - a ice-cream cone to be more exact.
#1 Mint Choco Chip: A mint blue base with lotsa colorful glitter inside.
#3 Apricot Candy: A apricot/ beige base with tons of glitter. The glitter in this shade seem to be the most colorful ones: violet, red, green, yellow, white and more.
#4 Strawberry Star Candy: A light pink base color with many glitter mostly in pink, violet and blue. This color also contains some silver shimmer and star-shaped glitter.
I like all colors but my favorite is still Apricot Candy because I prefer more natural colors. I just need to apply one coat while I need more coats for Mint Choco Chip and Strawberry Star Candy. I don't know why but these two shades are more sheer and look streaky. Maybe I apply them wrong!

Almond Chip Cookie Pact:
Description: This baked face powder with chips of illuminating pearls creates a smooth and radiant complexion.

The outer packaging of this pressed powder is pink with cute cookie prints on it. The powder itself is housed inside a round container made of thick paper/ cardboard. The container contains 14g and the lid also got a cute cookie print. This Cookie Pact got almond chips while the Chocolate Chip Cookie Pact got choco chips.
A sponge is also included and can be found underneath the lid.
The Almond Chip Cookie Pact is the brighter shade and good for those with a lighter skin tone like me. The light beige powder contains whitish (almond) chips which have some shimmer in it. The powder pact is sweet scented, too!
I didn't use the powder on my face yet but on my hand it looks like it has just a light coverage. The shimmer is barely visible, what I like.

Cupcake All Over Color:
The clear plastic wrapping of the All Over Color has pink stripes on the bottom and a cupcake print on the top. The description on this product is in Korean only.

The small round metal container, with 10g of product inside, looks like a cupcake and comes in different colors. I got #OR202 Peach Sugar Cake and therefore the cupcake container is kept in peachy colors and even has a peach print on the lid.
The Cupcake All Over Color has a creamy consistency, a peachy pink color and even smells like fruity peaches.
The rather sheer color is non-sticky and can be used as eyeshadow, lip color or cream blush. I mainly use it on my eyes and lips because I prefer powder blushes.

Chocolate Eyes:
Description: This matte and silky eye shadow comes in a variety of chocolate brown colors that naturally blend to express deep, dramatic eyes.

The eyeshadow palette was, beside the nail polishes, the product that I wanted to have the most. The whole packaging looks like a chocolate bar and contains 13g.
The three (3) colors inside this palette are described as Cacao 45% (Beige-Brown), Cacao 65% (Milk Chocolate Brown) and Cacao 98% (Dark Brown).
01. Use Cacao 45% as base color.
02. Gradate with Cacao 65% color.
03. Contour outer corner of eyes with Cacao 98% color to complete deep and dramatic chocolate shaded eyes.
Tip: Depending on hair color, use each color alone or blended together.
I always use all colors together as described above and I like the result. I love natural colors especially for day make-up and these eyeshadow palette is perfect for that.
The colors are matte without any shimmer in it.

Chocolate Smudge Liner + Chocostick Liner Brush:
Description (Chocostick Liner Brush): This thin, flat eyeliner brush creates a precise and even line to define eyes.

The creamy Chocolate Smudge Liner has (for me) the cutest design out of all products: a heart-shaped chocolate praline. The Chocostick Liner Brush looks like those chocolate sticks you surely know, too ('MIKADO' or 'Pocky').
The container of the eyeliner can be opened at the bottom. Since I already own black and dark grey liquid eyeliners I decided to get this one in #2 Milk Choco Brown.
The consistency is creamy and I can apply it very easy with the Chocostick Liner Brush. I must say that I like it more than those liquid eyeliners... You can also smudge the eyeliner with the brush for a more dramatic look.
#2 Milk Choco Brown is the brighter shade and not as light brown as I expected it to be. Still, I find this color fits me way better than dark shades. 

Price: between 5,- € to 12,- €/ US$6 to US$16
Bought at: eBay (f2plus1)  


  1. Is the all-over-color too oily for cheeks? I'm a faithful user of nyx's cream blush.. but I might cheat to that peachy cupcake really soon ;)

    1. I don't like to use creamy blushes, so I haven't tried it. ><
      But I can try it out once and tell you if it's too oily or not. =)

  2. you should try baby choux base, it's amazing! I have #1, and reviewed on my blog:

    1. Yeah, I was already thinking if I should order the mint green baby choux base. Will read your review about it first. ^^

  3. oh my!!!!!! those are SO cute!!!!!!!!!
    I don't use that kind of colours (I'm more of a goth-makeup girl) but I always love those pastel-glittery polishes... and the packaging is über kawaii!!!!!!! I want to drink them.. but I guess that wouldn't be nice :P

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    1. They even released a eyeshadow brush, a ice-cream cone shower sponge and cotton candy (cotton) balls. =)

  9. can you make a list of the sellers you use on ebay ?

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