Friday, March 1, 2013

[Holika Holika] Pore sea stem *Tightening Mask*

One of [Holika Holika]'s latest new product line consists of five (5) products exclusively made for oily skin with enlarged pores. Since I have some enlarged pores on my nose and cheeks I decided to get at least one of these products. For now I have the Pore sea stem Tightening Mask only but still thinking about getting the Cover Balm, too.

Anyway, the five available products are:
- Mineral Scaling
- Tightening Mask
- Finish Serum
- Cover Balm
- Mineral Freshener

Description: Sleek brush mask that tightens pores with coral and marine mineral components.
The outer packaging of the Pore sea stem Tightening Mask is light blue with some colorful coral prints on it. The description of the product is in Korean and English on it.
The large, but rather flat tube, is also kept in light blue, contains 100ml and comes sealed with a twist-off lid. A brush attachment is seperately included.
Some of the ingredients of the Tightening Mask are Water, Alcohol, Coral Extract, Sea Water, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Wheat Protein, Caulerpa Lentillifera Extract and more.
The included white brush has soft bristles and can be closed/ openend.
The masks consistency is gel-like with a hint of pink color. The scent is ok as well, kinda marine-like!
When using the mask you have to unlock the cap and squeeze the tube until you can see some product coming out where the brush is. Then apply the mask with circular motions on your skin, especially on areas with enlarged pores.
The mask is barely visible on the skin and seems to get a bit absorbed as well (when dried).
I used the mask only a few times but I didn't see any improvement on my skin yet. Even right after using this mask I didn't notice any change on my pores size.
Furthermore, I find it a bit inconvenient to apply the product with the brush because it's not foaming etc. It might work better when you apply it without circular motions, though.
How to use: Straighten out your skin texturewith a toner and unlock the brush. Take the right amount and spread out the content. Wash off the product after 10~15 minutes.

Price: around 13,- €/ US$16
Bought at: eBay (f2plus1)

What I love:
Nothing really atm. 

What I don’t like: 
The mask is barely visible and I didn't notice any change yet.

Will I buy this again? No! But might get the Cover Balm.... or the Mineral Scaling (is it a cleanser??).


  1. It seems like this product need to be used after you used the scaling and freshner to see any changes but I dunno. Maybe Ill try this range in the future maybe not ^^; Or maybe you could try using it after washing your face with a cleanser for enlarged pores?

  2. If you didn't state the brand name, I would have thought that this was from Etude House! The packaging is similar to their 'Wonderpore' range.

    I'm sorry that this product didn't work well for you, there's nothing worse than buying something and having it not well with your skin.

    Followed x