Sunday, March 10, 2013

[Holika Holika] Holi Holi Magic Drop *Make me Pure*

I belong to those womans who never owns tons of different fragrances. I use perfume when I leave the house and I usually just have 2~4 flacons at home. 
Currently I use MARIAH CAREY's Lollipop Bling 'Mine Again', Gwen Stefani's HARAJUKU LOVERS 'G', EXPAND's Magic to Love 'Sakuraberry' and ETUDE HOUSE's PETIT BIJOU 'Cotton Snow'.
I love sweet scents from coconut, vanilla, musk, raspberry etc. I've never been a fan of strong floral fragrances!  

Since I started with Korean cosmetic I also got some products which come with a baby powder scent and I immediately felt in love with this kind of fragrance.
It's always hard to order perfume online when you never had the chance to smell it before. Nevertheless, when I saw at eBay that [Holika Holika] released a perfume line, named Holi Holi Magic Drop, which consists of three (3) different kinds of fragrance I had to get the Eau de toilette Make me Pure.
The other two (2) available fragrances are Make me Sweet (Fruity) and Make me Lovely (Floral).

Each Eau de toilette comes in a different color. The 'Make me Pure' one is violet while the outer packaging is metallic violet. The description is in Korean and English on the box. 
Inside is the glass flacon which contains 50ml.
The spray flacon looks very cute with its shape and mix of violet, gold and clear colors. The glass flacon changes more to matte milky glass at the bottom.
Description: Elegance sandlewood, vanilla fragrance wafts through the air with a delicate mild white musk fragrance.
This pure white woody musk fragrance changes you into the innocent girl like a baby.

As the description already says, 'Make me Pure' is a mix of sandlewood, vanilla and white musk. It's a very nice scent and I just love it. The vanilla scent isn't very intense, though, and you also won't have that strong baby powder fragrance you might have experienced from some [ETUDE HOUSE] products like hand creams, shower gels or the All-over Spray.
The dominating fragrances are definitely sandlewood and white musk.
If you also don't like floral or fruity scentes which are too intense you could give this one a try.

How to use: Spray a little bit on your neck, behind ears, chest, insides of wrist or the edge of clothes.
Price: around 14,- €/ US$18 
Bought at: eBay (f2plus1)  

What I love: 
The nice flacon design and the lovely scent.

What I don’t like:
Nothing yet! 

Will I buy this again? I would if I could get it here. Not sure if it's still available online when I finished it and I don't buy back-ups on perfumes.


  1. I have the "Make me sweet" one and I like it too ^^

    1. I'm so bad when it comes to describing the fragrances haha.
      Well, although it's supposed to be fruity, it's not a typical fruity scent. They often are so sweet it makes your teeth hurt. This one a bit more heavy, with a pinch of bitterness, citrus, maybe a bit 'smoky'.
      I absolutely adore it *.*

  2. You can always depend on Holika Holika to make gorgeous products with great packaging. The bottle reminds me of a genie lamp for some reason... Something exotic and magical. I don't wear fragrances that often so I'll have to give this a pass ^^


  3. Holika Holika packaging are always very mysterious and pretty!omg..I would even bought this becoz of the