Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[ETUDE HOUSE] Baby Skin Base *Baby Green*

Long long time ago I was reading that green neutralizes reddish skin. From that day on I started to use from time to time those concealer sticks with one green and one beige site.
When I was looking for face primers from Korean brands I found [ETUDE HOUSE]'s Baby Skin Base which is available in two (2) different shades: #1 Baby Green and #2 Baby Apricot.
As you can guess, I got #1 Baby Green
I can't find these products on eBay anymore, so I think it might be discontinued already?! But don't worry, [ETUDE HOUSE] sells some similar bases like the Dream On Base.

Description: Skin Softening & Moisturizing Powder Gel Makeup Base.
Delicate coverage for natural, radiant complexion and tone.
All Day Moisture Rich & Oil Absorbing Base Makeup- Fine, silky powder solution.
Promotes smooth, even complexion- baby skin presentation with reduced pore visibility. 
The Baby Skin Base comes in a milky white translucent bottle made of plastic. You can see the green color through the bootle, plus how much product you got left. The lid and pump is kept in a light pink.
30ml are inside!
The description on the bottle is in korean only, so I can't read the ingredients but the product seems to be free of Ethanol, Paraben and Titanium Dioxide.
The consistency is like a BB Cream, just a bit runnier. The scent is very soft what I like a lot.
The green color makes my face brighter, therefore I can't use too much otherwise my face looks greenish-white. I apply it instead of a face primer and mainly to areas which are reddish like my nose and cheeks.
The Baby Skin Base is a nice product which helps me to reduce the redness on my skin. 
It also might cover some pores but I'm still using a Pore Cover Balm before applying BB Cream/ Compact Powder
Right after applying it gives my skin a matte finish but the oil control isn't very good, though.
How to use: Apply with finger tips or sponge over your face until evenly blended into skin. Then apply makeup foundation/ powder pact.

Price: around 15,- €/ US$19 
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76)    
What I love:  
It reduces the redness!
What I don’t like: 
It makes my skin greenish-white when I use too much. Oil control isn't good enough for me as well.
Will I buy this again? Nope! Not sure if it's still available, though. Might try out another base!


  1. Thank you so much for these reviews! It's helping me a lot to decide what new products to buy.
    Love your blog! <3


  2. I had a purple base and used it to brighten some areas. However, applying too much made me look like Barney lol