Sunday, May 13, 2012

[SKINFOOD] Steam Milk Mask Cream

In my Fresh Apple review I mentioned that [SKINFOOD] also released a new line for dry skin containing milk protein. After almost 1 month I finally received the Steam Milk Mask Cream of that line.
I love products with milk and beside the Mask Cream there is also a Essence Mist and a Bubble Mask available.

Description: A steamed milk-infused cream that immediately melts into skin, transforming dry skin into a soft, firm, smooth texture, like a facial mask does.
* Steamed Milk? When steamed, milk turns into a mound of microfine bubbles that are sustained with all the benefits milk has, and yet feels silkier and softer to the touch.
The outer packaging looks like those recycling milk tetrapacks with the description in English and Korean on it. The packaging is kept in white, brown and light blue colors!
When you open the 'milk tetrapack' on top you can take out the round container which contains the cream.
The container is made of white plastic with a twist-off lid. It has the same design as most of [SKINFOOD]'s face masks but don't forget that the Steam Milk Mask Cream is a rich face cream - not a mask!
Inside the container are 100g!
Underneath the second cover you get the white cream with its thick and creamy consistency. The product is soft scented and doesn't has that baby powder scent many other steam milk products got.
The skin nutrition ingredients are Milk Protein, Beta-glucan, Yeast Extract, Natto Gum and Tocopherly Acetate. Cetyl Alcohol and Parfume is also included!
You don't get a spoon/ spatula with this product, therefore you need to dip your fingers inside the cream.
Since it's made for dry skin it doesn't has any oil control what is not so good for my combination/ oily skin but I still like it. Will use it mostly when my skin feels too dry!
How to use: At the end of your daily skin care routine, apply an ample amount to the face with gentle strokes.

Price: around 13,- €/ US$17
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76)     
What I love:  
I love the whole product! 
What I don’t like: 
There is nothing I don't like yet!

Will I buy this again? I probably would! Will get the Essence Mist as well.


  1. woaaa... i have been wanting to get this since i saw it released... niceeee.... i'll totally buy this to replace my tony moly multi play cream..

    1. Oh right, the texture of this cream is similar to the Multi Play Cream - just not 'whipped'. Plus, it doesn't have SPF! ;)

  2. I bought this because the sales lady in the Skinfood store I went to told me this was a type of facial wash for whitening dark spots. Now I am confused whether I should use this as facial wash on wet skin, or is this really a MASK that I should leave on and then wash off? HELP! Thank you!

    1. Hi! It's neither a facial wash nor a mask, it's a face cream for dry skin. The description says: "At the end of your daily skin care routine, apply an ample amount to the face with gentle strokes".
      Do not wash it off!
      It is called 'Mask Cream' only because the cream makes your face smoother and firmer like a face mask does. =)

    2. Thank you so much! :)

      However, I am wondering why the instructions in both the packaging and bottle say, "Wash off with lukewarm water." Hmmmnn...

    3. Oh, I am actually talking about the "STEAM MILK BUBBLE MASK." There's been a mix up. Sorry about that!

      But, still wondering whether the Steam Milk Bubble Mask is a face mask or facial wash...

    4. It is a face wash actually. It is not a mask at all-I thought it was too based on the name. I also thought it was like a similar product by etude house called magig bubble mask which is a type of exfoliator.

    5. The 'Steam Milk Mask Cream' is a face cream for dry skin. The 'Steam Milk Bubble Mask' is a mask you massage over your dry skin and then wash it off. It cleanses, exfoliates and softens skin with soft foam.

  3. Hi :) I'm new to your blog. I just purchased this mask cream yesterday and I'm excited to incorporate into my night skin care routine!