Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[SKINFOOD] Choco Smoky Nail Kit *Chic Brown*

Long time ago I owned quite a lot of nail polishes. I loved to buy different colors especially during summer time when I also could show my feets. But around 2 years ago I stopped to buy these because my previous job in Australia didn't allow to wear nail polish or to have long nails. And now I go to a nail studio to get my nails done!
I know that korean brands offer a lot of nice polishes but I think they would look weird on my 'nail studio made' gel nails. Anyway, I still couldn't resist to get at least two nail polish sets. One of them is the Choco Smoky Nail Kit from [SKINFOOD]. I got the Kit in #1 Chic Brown.
In one of my previous posts I reviewed already the Lipgloss and Mascara from this product line. The Nail Kit is also available in #2 Warm Brown which contains 3 different brown shades.

Description: The Chocolate Makes You more Sweet & Deep.
Use this nail kit to create a chocolate-smooth smoky nails.
The Choco Smoky Nail Kit is rather small and the packaging is brown & beige. Inside the box are the nail polish bottles. These bottles are translucent with a dark brown lid and a brush applicator. Each bottle contains 4.5ml!
The bottles got a number on each back: #1 (Base Coat), #2 (Middle Coat) and #3 (Top Coat).
#1 Base Coat (Pale gray): This color is called 'Pale gray' but for me it looks more like a beige-brown with silver shimmer. Apply this color to your whole nail and let it dry.
#2 Middle Coat (Light gray): Apply the gray-brown color over the Base Coat to 1/2 (half) of your nails and let it dry as well. This color has silver shimmer, too.
#3 Top Coat (Dark chocolate): 'Dark chocolate' looks like a gray and also has silver shimmer in it. Apply this Top Coat to your nail tips.
I'm not perfect in applying nail polishes but I tried it to show you some examples:
I can say that I like the idea of those nail kits and I like these colors, too. But I also think they look a bit weird on me. Maybe because I'm not used to wear brown/ gray nail polish. I usually wear bright colors like pastel pink, blue, green, beige or just my white (french) tips.

Price: around 9,- €/ US$11.50  
Bought at: eBay (zinopark)  

What I love:   
3 colors in one box!

What I don’t like:  
There is nothing I don't like except the strong nail polish scent which gives me headache.

Will I buy this again? No, I don't think so.


  1. He-lo lady~ Just replied to your questions. :)

  2. An sich finde ich die Farben recht schön (ich liebe braun!) aber ich glaube bei kurzen Fingernägeln würde sich dieses 3 Schichten System nicht so gut machen.