Monday, February 27, 2012

[TONYMOLY] 7-Fruit Princess Gloss *Plum Princess*

A few month ago I received a really cute Lip gloss.... the 7-Fruit Princess Gloss from [TONYMOLY]. I don't use a lot of stuff from this brand even though they have some nice things.
I wanted a Lip gloss without much color. That's why I got this cute gloss in  #2 Plum Princess.

The Gloss is available in 7 different fruit flavors:
- #1 Strawberry Princess
- #2 Plum Princess
- #3 Mangosteen Princess
- #4 Apricot Princess
- #5 Pomegranate Princess
- #6 Cherry Princess
- #7 Apple Princess

Description: Princess Gloss features all the fun and flavor of you favorite fruit-flavored Lip Smacker. Moisturizing formula softens and smooths lips with a juicy burst of fruit flavor.
Contains Shea Butter, Vitamin A, C, E and Rose Hip Oil.
The packaging is translucent and the bottom part of the Lip gloss container, too. The lid is very cute and looks like a plum. Each flavor got another 'fruit' as head/ lid. The sponge applicator is soft but small coz it's just a mini lip gloss with 7g.
I got #2 Plum Princess coz I saw some sample pics and this one seemed to be rather clear. After trying it by myself I can agree it: The color is barely visible. It has a hint of pink in it with some violet shimmer. The consistency is - like most lip glosses - jelly-like but not sticky and it smells like plums.
The 7-Fruit Princess Gloss is very cute and handy but the applicator is too small for me. I have to use it many times to get enough gloss on my lips.

Price: around 10,- €/ US$13
Bought at: eBay (BELLOGIRL)    

What I love:    
The cute design and small size.

What I don’t like:
The applicator is too small. Need to re-apply many times to get enough gloss on my lips.

Will I buy this again? Maybe another color. But it's also a bit pricey for its size.


  1. ooo i saw these before! i was hesitant on buying cause they are so small and the gloss sticky? cause i hate that!

    1. Yeah, I also think these are kinda expensive for the size. ><
      And no, these glosses are not sticky. I forgot to write that in the review. ^^;

  2. It's really cute, but tiny D:

    1. Yes, it is and a bit pricey for that size. ><

  3. I thought that gloss smaller. By the way, piercing looks so cool!

    1. The gloss is quite small. o3o And a bit expensive for that small size.
      Thank you! ^^