Saturday, March 31, 2012

[ETUDE HOUSE] milk talk Body Wash *Banana, Choco & Steam Milk*

When I was reading another blog I saw a pic of a body wash from [ETUDE HOUSE]. It seemed to be new and I immedtiately felt in love with that. I'm talking about the new milk talk Body Wash! You can get it in 5 delicious flavours! I got my favorites Steam Milk, Banana and Choco. The others are Apple and Strawberry.
Of the shower sponges I purchased Banana and Choco since Steam Milk was always sold out.

Description: Moisturizing body wash supplies rich foam, texture and fragrant scent for soft, cleansed skin. Milk extract makes moist body and sweet scent makes feeling better.
First, I was a bit dissapointed when I got the body washes coz they are so small. Nevertheless, each bottle contains 200ml and now I find them kinda cute, too.
Each of the milk talk Body Wash comes in a round bottle which feels somehow like a rubber bottle but is probably made of soft plastic. The flip-top lid is white plastic.

Steam Milk:
The bottle of the Steam Milk Body Wash is white with a light blue print.
The consistency is not too thick, just like many shower creams/ gels are. It looks whitish and has the soft scent of milk and baby powder.

Choco Milk:
Choco Milk comes in a light brown bottle with a chocolate bar print. 
It has the same consistency as Steam Milk but the color is brownish, plus the scent of chocolate milk. So yummy!!

Banana Milk:
My 3rd favorite flavour got a yellow bottle with a banana print. Of course, it also has a great scent - the scent of a banana milk shake.
It has the same consistency as the other two again but a yellowish color.

The Choco shower sponge is still on the way to me, so I can show you just the Banana one:
Each sponge is individually packed in a plastic bag.
This shower sponge is yellow and got a small banana on top. The choco sponge is brown with a chocolate bar on top.
You can attach the sponges on top of the body wash bottles what is a cute idea.

How to use: Dispense product on wet bath sponge/puff and lather. Use sponge/puff to massage and lather body. Rinse with water. 
It can be used as bubble bath also (15ml).

Price: around 10,- €/ US$13 (Body Wash); around 4,- €/ US$5 (Shower Sponge)
Bought at: eBay ( & superoutlet-2009)  
What I love: 
Everything: the small design, the sponge and of course the flavours.
What I don’t like:  
There is nothing I dislike!!

Will I buy this again? I would! Still think about getting Strawberry Milk.


  1. UWAHHHH this is sooo cute!! i love chocolate milk so this has definitely gotten my attention!

    1. That was exactly the one I saw on the other blog, too. =) I also love chocolate milk, so I had to get it. xD

  2. I really want to try these now! xD Choco sounds so good! I love food sounding products, heehee!

    1. They smell really yummy. =D Like milk shakes...mmmh. Didn't use them yet, though. Still got the full bottles here. =P
      You can get them at eBay btw! ^^

  3. For some reason, when I think of Milk related products, I think of whitening (strange, I know). Did you notice anything like that with this product?

    1. Nope, the body washes doesn't brighten up your skin tone. =)

  4. I want the chocolate one. But I know that I'd want it to last forever, so I'd be too cheap to use it. xD Haha.

    1. Haha, actually I didn't use my ones, too. Just 1 time for the review. xD