Saturday, March 17, 2012

[ETUDE HOUSE] My Lash Serum

A product I got for my eyelashes only is the My Lash Serum from [ETUDE HOUSE]. I just wanted to try it out because it says it will strengthens the lashes and prevents them from falling out.

Description: Serum Promotes Eyelash Health & Strength
Strengthens strand vitality with essence care formula to prevent lash loss. Contains panthenol & dogwood berry extract. Supplies nourishment and comfort to weary eye lines and lashes.
This eyelash serum is inside a translucent bottle and looks like a normal mascara. It contains 9g and has a light pink lid with a soft brush.
The serum looks a bit yellowish and has a rather watery consistency. It's not as runny as water, though. The scent is nothing special - for me it smells like a mascara does.
I use the My Lash Serum since a few month already and apply it every evening like a mascara. 
I let it dry and wash it off the next morning.
I see that I loose less lashes and I also find that they look longer than before. I'm not really sure about that, though. But it might be that my lashes became so healthy now that they grow better. Will continue using it until I finished the bottle!

How to use: Simply brush it from the roots of hair follicles of eyelash toward the ends. Use at the basic step after cleansing at nighttime. 

Price: around 6,- €/ US$8 
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76)
What I love: 
My lashes looking healthier and longer.
What I don’t like: 
Nothing at the moment!
Will I buy this again? Maybe or I will try the Dr. Lash products first!!


  1. Interesting.. Wonder if it'll irritate my eyes cos even moisturizer does

    1. It shouldn't since you have to apply it close to your eyes. o3o

  2. have been looking for this sort of product but don't really know which brand to look into. After reading your post, I guess I shall get myself one of this to test it out :) Btw, how many times should I apply this a day to proof its effectiveness & can I use it along with my mascara?

  3. Here's a good tip: Use it in the evenings after cleaning makeup away, and then use it again in the morning before you put mascara. Let it dry properly and it will also make your lashes look stronger.