Friday, March 9, 2012

[Maichi Takahashi] Jümily Eyelashes *NO.4 CAT EYES*

Another false lashes I got from Japan are the Jümily Eyelashes. These lashes are produced by japanese fashion model MAICHI (Maichi Takahashi). I got only NO.4 CAT EYES at the moment but I would like to try out one of the other designs as well:
- 02 3WAY EYES
- 05 BASIC EYES (Under Lash)
- 06 DOLLY EYES (Under Lash)

The plastic packaging contains 2 pairs of eyelashes and no glue. The paper inside is light blue and pink with a pic of MAICHI wearing these CAT EYES lashes. On the back is a description of how to use the lashes (japanese only).
The eyelashes are flexible and partly clear. I have some problems with applying them and because of that I'm also not really satisfied with the look. They doesn't look on my eyes as the ones MAICHI is wearing on the promotion pics. But maybe it's coz I don't have asian eyes.
Nevertheless, I still like them!
The NO.4 CAT EYES are shorter and thinner at the inner corner and become longer and thicker from the middle to the outer corner.

Price: around 11,50,- €/ US$15 
Bought at: eBay (alphabeautyuk) 

What I love: 
The design is nice even though they don't look that great on my eyes.

What I don’t like: 
Nothing except that I have some problems with applying them. 

Will I buy this again? Another design like the '3WAY EYES'.


  1. I actually like these on you. They look really natural and pretty!

    1. Thanks!! =) But I think I applied them wrong,,,they are too far away from my natural lash line. ><

  2. It's really look like cat's eyes! Very pretty!

  3. tried prolash+ ...
    natural growth serum. effective and it works for my decimated lashes no thanks to lash permng and extensions