Monday, April 2, 2012


I just own two full size sleeping masks because I prefer to use my face creams, lotions etc. which fight troubles better over night. That doesn't mean I don't like sleeping masks - I do!! And the first one I got 2011 was from [baviphat]: the PAPRIKA PORE SOLUTION TIGHTENING SLEEPING PACK. I reviewed the EMULSION from the same line here.
[baviphat] sells three (3) different product lines containing Paprika Extract:
Yellow line (PORE SOLUTION)
Red line (TROUBLE OUT)
Green line (WATER UP)

I got the TROUBLE OUT JELLY CREAM (Red line) before, too, which I liked but I can't review it anymore coz I finished it some month ago.

Description: Fresh Sleeping Pack that makes a moist and smooth skin texture by controlling sebum and improving rough pores.
Pore Tightening Effect + Moisturizing Effect + Sebum Control
The container contains 65g and looks like a yellow paprika/ capsicum. The whole product line got this design just always in another color. I like that!! It always looks so cute!
The SLEEPING PACK got a second cover and a small spoon underneath the lid.
With the included spoon it's very easy to take out the product. It's also more hygienic coz you don't need to dip your fingers in.
The consistency of the SLEEPING PACK is creamy but feels super moisturizing at the same time. The color is yellowish-white and has a pleasant smell. It smells like grapefruits but somehow a bit sweeter.
The two (2) main ingredients in this SLEEPING PACK are:
Paprika Extract: Controls Clean Skin Tone, Skin Protection, Elasticity
Grapefruit Extract: Sebum Control, Pore Tightening Effect
When I apply the pack to my face (before sleeping) it feels super moisturizing. It takes a few minutes to get absorbed but when it's dry my skin is very soft, too. In the next morning my skin looks and feels less oily, pores seem to be slightly smaller as well.
Unfortunately, these effects only last until I washed the pack off. Then my skin starts to get oily again etc. Still, it's a nice product and might give you better results when you use it 1~2 times a week.
The SLEEPING PACK together with the EMULSION:

How to use: Evenly apply suitable amount onto the face before sleeping and wash off with warm water in the next morning.

Price: around 11,- €/ US$14.50
Bought at: eBay (BELLOGIRL)  

What I love: 
The cute design and moisturizing effect. 

What I don’t like: 
The effects last only till I washed it off. 

Will I buy this again? No, I won't! I use Sleeping Pack's too seldom and would like to try out other ones first.