Saturday, April 28, 2012

[TONYMOLY] Red Appletox Honey Cream

I always look for face cream which are moisturizing and either good for sensitive or oily/ troubled skin. Last time I got the Red Appletox Honey Cream from [TONYMOLY]. I used a few samples of this cream before and finally got the full size as well. 
This cream is good for people with troubled skin which tend to be dry or sensitive sometimes.

Description: Sticky texture relaxes the muscle membrane to give elasticity.
The container of this face cream looks like a red apple which reminds me a lot of products from [baviphat]. It's a round container made of plastic with a twist-off lid. It contains 80ml!
Under the lid is a second white cover to protect the cream. A small spatula is also included which makes it more hygienic to take the product out.
The consistency of the Red Appletox Honey Cream is kinda jelly-like, a bit sticky and has a yellowish color. It smells super yummy like fresh apples!
I use this cream in the evening as a night cream. I spread it over my face and pat until it got absorbed. It moisturizes well and my skin is less oily than with other face creams.
The main ingredients are the following ones:
Manuka Honey Extract (from New Zealand): Immunity and anti-bacterial effect.
Royal Jelly Extract: Cooling down skin trouble, good for sensitive skin.
Propolis: Antioxide Effect.
Black Honey: Rich minerals and amino-acid. Moisturized and nourish skin effects keep your skin elastic and moist.
Apple Acid Ingredients: Smoothing skin.
 How to use: Spread enough amount on your face, tap slightly until it gets absorbed completely.

Price (each): around 12,- €/ US$16  
Bought at: eBay (    
What I love:  
It moisturizes and makes my skin less oily. The scent is very nice, too.
What I don’t like: 
There is nothing I don't like!
Will I buy this again? I think I would!


  1. I have the Baviphat one and I love it! They seem to be very similar as I tried a sample of the Tony Moly cream once and it had similar results. I wonder which one is ultimately better...probably just boils down to price...hmmm. what do you think? :)

    1. From [baviphat], do you mean the Apple Sleeping Pack or the Paprika Jelly Cream I used before? o3o
      The Apple Sleeping Pack is not really a face cream. It's more like a face mask you use over night. ;)
      But [TONYMOLY]'s is a face cream. ^^

    2. Yeah I mean the Apple AC Sleeping Pack. it smells similar to the Tony Moly one.

      I have tried the Paprika Jelly Cream (I have the whole set... toner, emulsion, essence, and sleeping pack.) It's really great for my acne.

  2. after this description i really want to try Red Appletox Honey Cream! thank you for review:)

  3. also hat dir die creme alles in allem gefallen?
    ich habe von tony moly und skinfood einige testprodukte bekommen und das ist auch dabei - habe es aber bisher noch nicht getestet

    1. Ja, ich mag die Creme, deswegen kaufte ich mir auch die volle Größe. Hatte davor auch immer nur Proben davon. =)

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    1. Thank you! =) I will have a look at your eBay shop soon. ^^

    2. Thank you about your reply. :)