Saturday, April 7, 2012

[Holika Holika] Aqua Petit Jelly Tint Bar *Cherry Kiss*

Today I wanna review a lippie I got some month ago already. Actually, it isn't a lipstick - it's a tint bar. To be more exact, the Aqua Petit Jelly Tint Bar! This tint bar from [Holika Holika] is available in three (3) colors: 01 Cherry Kiss, 02 Orange Kiss and 03 Pink Plumping.
I got 01 Cherry Kiss because it was the most interesting one for me.

From the Aqua Petit Jelly line are also BB Creams, Eyeshadows, Lip Tints and a Make up Fixer available.

Description: Sweet! Refreshing! Bouncy!
Has jelly-like acid color helping lips look lively and contains mint water and marine jelly making resilient jelly lips.
 The packaging is kept in a very nice mint green & blue and has the description in English and Korean on it.
The Tint Bar itself is housed in a mint green twist-up container with pink lettering. I really like the color combination! The content is 3.5 g!
I purchased 01 Cherry Kiss which seemed to be the darkest of the colors they offer.
The color of the Tint Bar is a reddish-pink with some shimmer inside. It's also a bit translucent!
Cherry Kiss got the fruity scent of cherries which I like.
The description on the packaging says that 01 Cherry Kiss and 02 Orange Kiss is good for vivid color expression while 03 Pink Plumping is great for maximum plumping effect on your lips. 
When I apply the Tint Bar to my lips the color is barely visible at the beginning. I need a few layers to see the pink on my lips. The slightly cooling sensation I get coz of the mint inside is nice (it tastes like mint as well).
The color of Cherry Kiss is actually brighter as you would guess from the Tint Bar.
I like that it makes my lips smooth but the color could be more visible.
Therefore, if you like a colorful lip make-up I don't recommend this product but if you prefer a natural make-up than you can try out the Aqua Petit Jelly Tint Bar.
You can see that the color looks rather naturally. It gives my lips a hint of pink color without much glitter or gloss!

How to use: Apply tint bar onto the middle area of your lips to be melted by body temp and evenly spread from center out to edge of your lips.
Tint bar will color your lips 5 sec. after applying and will make smooth and bouncy lips without wrinkles.

Price: around 8,50,- €/ US$11
Bought at: eBay (luckygoldstar)   

What I love:  
There is nothing I really love about this product!

What I don’t like: 
I have to apply many layers to get the pink color.

Will I buy this again? No, I won't! I prefer lippies or glosses.


  1. Ich habe denselben aber bei mir ist die Farbe besser zu sehen. Muss zwar auch oft damit über die Lippen fahren, aber mir gefällt es das man eben nur einen Hauch von Farbe sieht. ^^

    1. Ich sah ja auch was von der Farbe aber es war halt nicht so intensiv wie bei einem Lippenstift. Kann auch sein, dass meine Cam die Farben einfach nicht gut 'einfängt'.

  2. Replies
    1. I love the colors but the tint bar is only good if you like a natural lip make-up. =P