Saturday, April 14, 2012

[ETUDE HOUSE] Black Head Off Oil EX

Beside cleansing oils for removing make-up I also got an oil for fighting blackheads: the Black Head Off Oil EX from [ETUDE HOUSE]. I purchased this product back in March 2011 during my Korea trip.

The Black Head line contains the following things:
- Black Head Final Kit
- Black Head Off Oil EX
- Black Head Bond Patch
- Black Head Roll on Spot
- Black Head Heating Scrub
- Black Head Cleansing Foam
- Black Head Gommage
- Black Head Remover Dual Sheet
- Black Head Waxing Kit
- Black Head Cleansing Foam Pad
- Black Head Pore Tightening Essence
- Black Head Sleeping Paste
- Black Head Heating Deep Clean Gel
- Black Head Off Finger Tip Silicon

As you can see, they released a lot of products for removing blackheads. I just got the oil, though!

Description: Secret Recipe! Perfect Solution!
Improved formula penetrates deep to dissolve and eliminate oil & residue buildup.
Mineral Oil & Preservative Free
The plastic packaging is translucent with a yellowish-orange color. Inside the packaging is the bottle which is kept in a similar color. This plastic bottle is translucent as well and got a pump. 60ml are inside!
The three (3) main ingredients in this oil are Lemon, Grape Seed Oil and Coal.
I found the following informations about this product online:
Black Head Off Oil EX is formulated with Lemon and Grape Seed Oils for optimal cleansing power. Infused with coal, it helps release all the impurities and dirt from pores by massage movements. It can remove even the dirt and black head trapped deep within pores. It is also enriched with Fir Oil to calm and control excessive oil secretion and other skin problems, leaving your skin black-head-free and clean. 
The consistency is very oily and 'watery'. It's colorless and smells like an normal oil with just a slight lemon scent.
 You need to massage the oil for 3~5 minutes on areas with blackheads. I use it mainly on my nose and cheeks. Those silicon finger tips are good for massaging the oil into my skin. It's better than using my fingers!
My bottle is still full, although I have it since one year. I use it really seldom and therefore I can't see any improvement. My nose looks a bit cleaner after using this oil but that's just temporarily.
How to use: Use hands to apply and massage oil to blackhead intense areas of the face. Massage into skin for 3~5 minutes and wash with foaming cleanser and rinse with warm water.
Avoid contact with eyes!

Price (at YesStyle): around 16,50,- €/ US$22 
Bought at: [ETUDE HOUSE] Shop @Insadong, Seoul

What I love:  
There is nothing I love yet.

What I don’t like: 
It's very oily and 'watery'.

Will I buy this again? No, not this one but maybe another product from this line.

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