Sunday, April 8, 2012

[Holika Holika] Aqua Muse Watery Lipstick *Pastel Orange*


I remember that I got asked if I can share my daily skin care regime. So, here we go but I have to mention before that some products may switch from time to time. The cleanser I always use together with the clarisonic Mia.
Ok, the following listing is of what I currently use:

- [THE FACE SHOP] bubble bubble Cotton Foaming Cleanser
- [Holika Holika] 3" seconds Starter Hyaluronic Acid
- [Holika Holika] fairy water Pure Fresh Toner or [ETUDE HOUSE] WONDER PORE Freshner
- [SKINFOOD] Peach Sake Pore Serum
- [Holika Holika] fairy water Pure Fresh Oil Paper Cream or Water March Moisture Full Cream 

- [baviphat] Apple Soul AC Therapy Cleansing Foam
- [Holika Holika] AC Magic Clear Powder in Toner
- [Holika Holika] AC Magic Clear Powder in Emulsion
- [SKINFOOD] Peach Sake Pore Serum
- [ETUDE HOUSE] COLLAGEN moistfull firming eye cream
- [ETUDE HOUSE] My Lash Serum
- [ETUDE HOUSE] Pure Joy Restorative Cream
- Acne Treatment Cream with Benzoyl Peroxide
- [SKINFOOD] Facial Ice Vita Mist

Somehow it looks quite a lot! I also try to use every 2~3 days a face mask/ peeling or a sleeping pack before I go to bed.

Ok, the review today is about a lippie I got awhile ago: the Aqua Muse Watery Lipstick from [Holika Holika] in #OR205 Pastel Orange.
You can choose from 8 different colors:
- Pastel Orange
- Dewy Coral
- Pink Mode
- Aqua Heaven
- Fairy Red
- Milk Pink
- Angel Peach
- Rose Fever

Description: Provides sense of moisture to lips rather than oily. Express clear and pure lips like formed drop of water.
The packaging is kept in a pretty combination of blue & violet shades. I love these colors!
On the box you also find a short description in English, the rest is in Korean.
The twist-up container is 'octagonal' and in a light pearl violet. I can't find out the NET wt. but it's surely the same as from other lipsticks (around 4g).
I purchased #OR205 Pastel Orange which is the brighter orange shade in this lipstick line. I got it coz I wanted a color for my nude-look and I thought this might be good for that.
These orange shade is pale and reminds me of my tangerine clarisonic Mia. It's almost the same color! You can build the color in layers but it's not very opaque.
The consistency is very soft & creamy, kinda watery as well. I have some problems to apply the lipstick evenly to my lips, plus it sinks a bit into my chapped skin. Therefore, I need to peel my lips before using this lipstick.
The Aqua Muse Watery Lipstick does moisturize quite well and doesn't give my lips a matte finish. It's not super glossy but still nice. It also has a few shimmer inside but that's barely visible.
The scent is ok, not very noticeable but the taste is weird. A sorta soapy taste!
Applied around 3~5 layers!

How to use: Line the lips and fill the color from center.

Price: around 12,50,- €/ US$16
Bought at: eBay (BELLOGIRL)   

What I love:  
The packaging and the soft & creamy & 'watery' texture.

What I don’t like: 
The soapy taste and that it's hard to apply the color evenly.

Will I buy this again? No! [Holika Holika] released a 'heart-shaped' lippie - I would try out that one instead.


  1. I just love your Blog :))))

    Thanks for all the reviews and swatches! Now i definitely know which Etude products i want ^^

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    Wünsch dir auch froh Ostern.

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Thanks for reading and following me! =D
      I try my best with the reviews but I'm not good enough in that. ><
      Bis du aus Berlin? Sehe du wohnst in Neukölln, da wohne ich derzeit auch. Ziehe im Mai aber um. ^^

    2. Nein, nur in Neukölln geboren :) Derzeit wohne ich in Wedding ^^ (auch ziemlich frisch umgezogen) :D Ahhh, danke fürs followen *erröt* Und ach was, ich find deine Reviews super :) Die Bilder sind super und ich finde deine Reviews sehr informativ. Mir hilft das ungemein weiter!