Sunday, April 22, 2012

[THE FACE SHOP] Home Aesthetic Purifying Egg White Pack (peel off)

Different korean cosmetic brands released skin care products with egg white which shall reduce pores size. I got some things as well, like those egg white soaps and egg face masks. I don't eat eggs but I like to use products containing it! I noticed that Asian countries got more sheet masks than mud or peel off masks and so I was happy when I found the Home Aesthetic Purifying Egg White Pack (peel off) from [THE FACE SHOP].
This peel off mask is recommended for all skin types, especially combination/ oily skin!

From the Home Aesthetic line are also available:
- Smooth Seaweed Pack (pore tightening & minimizing excess sebum)
- Fresh Cucumber Pack (revitalizing & deep moisturizing)
- Firming Honey Pack (hydrating, soothing & firming)
- Hydrating Milk Pack (hydrating, softening & brightening)
- Clarifying Potato Pack (clarifying)

Description: Century-proven home remedy skincare tips are now made into easy convenient packs. Skip the troubles of preparing and enjoy even better result.  
Purifying Pores! Deep cleansing peel-off mask eliminates impurities and accumulated oil from the pores promoting a cell renewal.
The Purifying Egg White Pack comes in a 120ml tube which is milky white translucent. The sticker on the front has a pic of an egg (egg yolk & egg white) on it. The whole description is written in korean only.
The tube got a white flip-top lid!
I found the following informations online:
Peel-off face pack transforms into a pliant, rubbery mask that hugs every curve and angle of your face to unclog pores and lift away skin-dulling dead skin cells to reveal vibrant and brighter looking skin.
The ingredients are all written in korean and I hardly can read it. But there is 1% Egg White Extract inside!
The sticky gel-like consistency has a whitish color and a strong scent. I can't describe the scent - it smells kinda chemical/ alcohol-like and I noticed a similar scent on other peel off masks before.
It's not too easy to get the product out of the tube coz of the small hole plus, the sticky texture makes it hard to spread over my face. The peel off mask dries up fast and can be removed without problems!
After peeling off the mask my pores are looking smaller and my face is smoother and more matte. These effects are just temporarily, though! 
How to use: After cleansing and toning, apply the pack all over your face avoiding eye and mouth area. Wait 10~15 minutes, or until it completely dried up, then peel it off from upperside to downside. 

Price: around 10,- €/ US$13
Bought at: eBay (hsckoreanimports)    

What I love:  
It makes my pores smaller and my face smoother and less oily!

What I don’t like: 
The strong scent and it's a bit hard to apply on the face coz of the small hole and its stickiness.

Will I buy this again? No!! I try out other masks!


  1. i tried vov egg peeling pack 2 days ago and i liked it and thinking about buying another egg peel off mask. i think this one is interesting!

    1. I don't know VOV but these egg pack is okay. ^^