Monday, April 16, 2012

[ETUDE HOUSE] Peel so good foam cleanser *Enzyme Peel*

After I finished the Apple Soul AC Therapy Cleansing Foam I started to use the Green tea Salt Mask Foam but omg, my skin started to burn so badly. I currently suffer from dry and red skin again and that salt mask foam (used together with the clarisonic Mia brush) is too harsh for my sensitive/ dry skin. It felt as if it got burned! Immediately after I rinsed my face with clear water I applied the Yogurt Wash-off Pack with kiwi. Afterwards my skin felt a lot better!

Because of that I switched to another cleansing foam: the Peel so good foam cleanser from [ETUDE HOUSE]. I got #2 Enzyme Peel which is the medium strength one.
This foam cleanser is available in three (3) strength:
- #1 Natural Peel: * light (yellow)
- #2 Enzyme Peel: *** medium (blue)
- #3 Diamond Peel: ***** strong (pink)

Description: Peel so Good? Feel so Good~ Cleanse & Peel
Enzyme formulated facial foam cleanser supplies a thorough cleanse with a smooth peel.
The Enzyme Peel comes in a tube with different shades of blue and contains 130ml.
The flipt-top lid is white and the product is easy to squeeze out.
This foam cleanser contains Enzyme and Hyaluronic Acid
The clear gel-like consistency has some white particles inside for a fine scrub. I feel that this peeling is gentle enough for my dry/ sensitive skin. If you have normal skin you can try out the Diamond Peel but for me it might be too strong.
The scent is fresh - nothing sweet or fruity!
Since I got oily skin which is also sensitive and becomes dry & flakey sometimes, I need a gentle peeling instead of a harsh facial scrub. Therefore, this one is a good choice!
The exfoliating effect is ok and this foam cleanser can be used every evening.
How to use: Apply to wet face and lather. Massage thoroughly and rinse with warm water.
Avoid contact with eyes!

Price: around 10,- €/ US$13  
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76)    

What I love:  
The peeling is gentle enough for everyday use! Good for my oily/ sensitive/ dry skin.

What I don’t like: 
There is nothing I dislike!

Will I buy this again? I'm not sure! Maybe I will try out Natural Peel.


  1. great review~ I have a little question, you live in Germany right~? how long does it take for the rubyruby76 package to arrive? because I live in the Netherlands, and I want to order from there soon ^__^ x

    My Blog ~ xLittleBells♥

    1. Yes, I had to move back to Germany but hope to go back to Australia as soon as possible. It's my 2nd home! =)
      Usually the package takes 2~3 weeks to arrive here but I wait sometimes more than 30~40 days because of the German customs. ><

      Thanks for reading btw! ^^

  2. Hey..nice review!!but there's something make me confuse ths clenser can be used daily???cuz some says use once or twice a week only..kinda like a,which one is rite???

    1. Facial scrubs u should use just 1~2 times a week but this here is a Cleansing Foam which also peels your skin gently. You can use it daily - I do it, too. =)

    2. Yeah!!!i thought the same way too..cuz my friend said I have to use this foam cleanser along with other face wash as it must be used once a week only!!!thats why..:-D

  3. does it dry out your skin?
    I bought EH Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Foam and it dries out my skin horribly. I'd like to try one more cleanser, but I'm afraid it might dry out my skin again. I have combined skin with oily t-one and dry cheeks.

    1. I got almost the same skin type as you and to be honest, without using a toner or face cream afterwards my skin would be super dry after a while, too. I didn't find that the Happy Teatime cleanser dried out my skin too much, though. The same goes for this Peel so good foam cleanser.
      Maybe you should try out a cleanser that moisturizes (with aloe etc.) or a bubbly foam cleanser (like EH Baking Powder Moist Bubble Foam)?!

    2. well yes, I acutally use gentle cleansers that are meant for dry or sensitive skin because every other cleanser dries the hell out of my skin. I'm searching for some cleanser on you blog now, and I also found Holika Holika Daily Garden Cleansing Foam in Aloe Vera version, so I'll be getting that one next. thanks for the info!