Tuesday, April 10, 2012


For removing make-up I recently like to use cleansing oils more than cleansing creams/ cleansing wipes.
After I finished the Real Art Cleansing Oil *MOISTURE* I was looking for a new one and found the [shu uemura] skin purifier gentle cleansing oil. Unfortunately, this cleansing oil is too expensive for me, therefore I was looking for a similar but more affordable oil.
I got the OIL SPECIALIST FRESH CLEANSING OIL with Cherryblossom from [THE FACE SHOP]. This cleansing oil is good for All Skin Types especially combination/ oily skin.

It's available in the following types:
- FRESH CLEANSING OIL (Cherryblossom)
- ANTI-AGING CLEANSING OIL (Green Tea and Acai Berry)
- ENRICHED CLEANSING OIL (Camellia and Avocado)

Description: Cleans impurities even deep inside the skin~ a refreshing cleansing oil without any sheen.
Light non-sticky texture spreads on the skin quickly and thoroughly cleanses out impurities even inside pores. Cherry blossoms and cherry seed oil clean dead skin cells and pores, leaving a refreshing sense without any hint of sheen after cleansing.
Every cleansing oil got another color! The FRESH CLEANSING OIL got a pink packaging with the description in Korean and English on it. 
The oil is inside a round translucent-pink plastic bottle, got a pump and contains 200ml.
This cleansing oil contains the following ingredients:
Mineral Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Prunus Serrulata (Cherry Blossom) Flower Extract, Sweet Cherry Fruit Extract, Butylene Glycol, Fragrance, Linalool and more.
The oil itself is colorless and has just a slight cherry blossom scent. It smells more like an oil!
I use 2~3 pumps and massage the oil over my whole face, then rinse it off with water. 
My skin doesn't feel oily or too dry afterwards. If the product gets into your eyes it might blurry your eye-sight.
I used from left to right:
Mascara, Eyebrow Concealer, Liquid Eyeliner, Lipgloss, Lipstick, Eyeshadow, BB Cream.
I applied a few drops of oil on the make-up and massaged it over my skin (pic above).
After removing the residues with a tissue - no water used (pic below):
The oil removes my make-up very well - even eye make-up. I like it and will continue using it after I finished the Happy Teatime Cleansing Cream *Milk Tea*.

How to use: Pump an adequate amount and apply the oil gently to the face. Massage lightly in spiral motions to blend well with make-up for cleansing. Depending on skin type, rinse with warm water or use a cleansing foam for dual cleansing.
Price: around 18,- €/ US$24 
Bought at: eBay (hsckoreanimports)   

What I love:  
I love the whole product! It cleans well and is good for oily skin. 

What I don’t like: 
Nothing yet!! Except for the price...still a bit expensive.

Will I buy this again? Yes, I would!

With this order I received some samples. One of these samples were the GREEN TEA HAND GEL CREAM. I will write a short review about that, too! 

Description: This fresh greent tea - scented gel-type hand cream makes you feel comfortable as if you take a walk in the forest. The antioxidant-rich Korean green tea and Olive oil leave your hands healthy and glowing. Have your hands fresh all the time with green tea hand gel cream!
The gel cream comes in a light green tube with a tiwt-off lid. The tube contains 30ml, so I think it's already the normal/ full size?!
 I can't find any informations about this cream yet. Probably it's a newer product!
Anyway, the gel-like consistency has a greenish color and a nice scent. The description says it's a green tea scent!
The GREEN TEA HAND GEL CREAM is non-greasy and absorbs quickly. My hands feel softer but I also think it leaves a film on my skin. That feels a bit weird! But still a nice cream - not the best I tried, though!


  1. Thanks for introducing the cleansing oil. i was indeed looking for a good make up remover, but failed so far. thought about the shu uemura version too, but this alternative might be better, since it's very affordable.

    1. I had 'good' experiences with cleansing oils so far. =) And yes, the price is ok! Way cheaper than the shu uemura one, which I would get as a 50ml bottle only, but cost $13 already. =.=

  2. I was choosing among the three cleansing oil then saw this post so I went with the cherry blossom one. A useful article indeed! :)