Thursday, April 19, 2012

[TONYMOLY] Dear Me Petite Cotton BB Cream *Cotton Beige*

I noticed recently, that I just got two (2) more BB Creams to review. I didn't get any new ones at the moment and I'm not sure if I will buy one in the near future. Probably I will use up the ones I got first!
Anyway, a BB Cream I didn't review yet is [TONYMOLY]'s Dear Me Petite Cotton BB Cream. I think it's a popular BB Cream, even though it's just available in one shade: #1 Cotton Beige.
The one I got is the older version - the new one comes in a long and slim tube!

From the Dear Me line are also available:
- Petite Cotton Pact
- Petite Blusher
- Balancing skin (oily skin)
- Balancing lotion (oily skin)
- Waterful skin (dry skin)
- Waterful lotion (dry skin)
- Waterful cream (dry skin)

Description: Makes your skin baby-soft as it adheres lightly to your skin and gives your skin a flawless finish. It delivers appropriate makeup coverage to your skin without leaving an oily residue behind. SPF30 PA++
The old version comes in a white tube which is smaller than the new version but still contains 30g as well. It has a blue twist-off lid and a clear packaging around the tube.
The decsription is written in English and Korean!
Some ingredients of the Petite Cotton BB Cream are Water, Zinc Oxide, Bees Wax, Silica, Talc, Portulaca Oleracea (Purslane) Extract, Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) Bark/ Leaf/ Twig Extract, Euphorbia Supina Stem Extract, Arabidopsis Thaliana Extract, Rumex Acetosella Extract, Typha Angustifolia Spike Extract, Cotton Extract, Milk Protein Extract and Centella Asiatica Extract.
Consistency-wise, it is neither too thick nor too watery. The color is a light to medium beige and the same as the Cutie Beauty BB Cream #1 Tomboy Chris. The coverage is average and this BB Cream gives my skin a smooth and slight glossy finish but doesn't look oily.
The scent is nice, too! It is a soft scent, kinda flowery.
Dear Me Petite Cotton BB Cream is a nice product, good for sensitive and trouble skin but I find that the color is a bit too dark for my skin tone. Unfortunately, the oil control is not very good as well.
Please notice, that the products I review might work/ look different on your skin!  

Price: around 9,- €/ US$12 
Bought at: eBay (BELLOGIRL)    

What I love:  
The smooth & glossy finish plus, the soft scent.

What I don’t like: 
For my oily skin the oil control is not good enough! 

Will I buy this again? No, I will look for another one!


  1. cute packaging ^^
    nice review :D

  2. It looks very smooth
    thanks for the review!

    1. Thanks! =) Yes, it feels smooth on my skin. ^^

  3. Thanks for this review... I wanted to test this BB cream that is really not expensive compared to the Erborian ...