Monday, January 2, 2012

[ayumi hamasaki] A eyelash *Gorgeous Days No.4*

The first thing I bought in the new year was a electric facial cleansing brush. I was reading good reviews about those brushes at google so I wanted to get one for myself. When it really helps I don't need to use too much cosmetic anymore what will save me a lot of money!
I got the SIRIUS Skinsonic one which cost me just $49 + $14 for each pack of replacement brushes. I got it in the USA coz I can't find it in my country.

Furthermore I will review now for the first time one of my False Lashes. I begin with the A eyelash produced by famous japanese Pop Singer ayumi hamasaki.
These eyelashes are from Japan and available in different styles as upper and lower lashes. There are around 4 which I would like to try out but they are a bit pricey. That's why I just got the Gorgeous Days No.4 for now!
The pack contains 3 pairs of false lashes and come in a plastic packaging. 
The Gorgeous Days line is kept in pink with a pic of Ayu on it.
Inside the packaging is a description of how to use the lashes.
The lashes No.4 are shorter toward the inside corner and become longer and thicker toward the outer corner. They got a clear line and are quite easy to apply. I have to say that I don't wear fake lashes too often and are not very good in applying them yet.
These lashes looking nice but they are not my favorite. I got better ones already!
I used the first pair a few times already and they look now a bit 'worn out'. Not as pretty as the unused ones anyway.
The pics below are taken either with flash light or without:
Btw, I'm also wearing color contact lenses. On this pics I wear Twinkle - Sapphire Blue.
These are 'Made in Korea' as well.

Price: around 22,- €/ 2.200Yen  
Bought at: ICHIBANKAO 

What I love:   
There are easy to apply. 

What I don’t like: 
There is nothing I don't like except the price. 

Will I buy this again? I would like to try out another style.

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