Saturday, January 28, 2012

[Holika Holika] AC MAGIC CLEAR *Toner & Emulsion*

I received my clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System a few days ago and tried it out once today. I used it for 2 minutes because 1 minute seemed too short for me. After the Mia switched off automatically I still had one cheek to clean. Anyway, I will try to manage it in 1 minute.
I got the Tangerine one which is a pretty pastel orange and a limited color. Now, I'm just waiting for my replacement brush heads.

A product line from [Holika Holika] I wanted to try out is AC MAGIC CLEAR. It wasn't easy to find these products but luckily I found a shop in Singapore who sold those. I decided to get the Powder in Toner and Powder in Emulsion. This line is specially made for acne-prone skin!

Powder in Toner:
Description: Contains Calamine powder to clean skin. Trouble use only pink skin. 

As described this toner contains a powder. Those powders are usually for removing excess oil and mattifying the skin. Before using you have to shake the bottle 4-5 times.
The product comes in a paper box which is kept in different blue, white and grey shades. The bottle is milk glass and has a translucent/ red twist-off lid with the 'witch' icon. It contains 150ml!

Powder in Emulsion:
Description: Contains Calamine powder for clean skin. Trouble use only emulsion.
After using toner, apply proper amount on face.

The packaging of the emulsion is the same as from the toner. The bottle is milk glass as well and contains 150ml. The twist-off lid got the 'witch' icon and is also translucent/ red.
It has a rather watery consistency - it's not as thick as a lotion. 
The color is white and it's slightly perfumed.
You have to shake the bottle to get the product out.
I used both products just a few times yet. Therefore I can't really tell if it works or not.
But when I use the Emulsion right after the Toner my skin starts to burn really bad. That doesn't happen when I just use the Toner. Maybe both products together are too much for my skin.

With my Order I got some Freebies:
A purple tote bag and a purple feather pen - both from [Holika Holika].

Price (each): around 14,- €/ S$22.50 (excluding shipping costs) 
Bought at:

What I love: 
There is nothing I really love yet.

What I don’t like:  
It's hard for me to get the products out of the bottle especially the emulsion.

Will I buy this again? Maybe but it's not easy to get Online.


  1. Will you make a review of the Clarisonic Cleansing brush? I've got one from another company and it makes removing make-up easier, but also to prepare skin for moisturising and so on...

  2. I just use it for 5 days now and my skin didn't get better now. So, if I will review it then not now. Gimme some more weeks/ month. =)
    I also get a Skinsonic one... for free. =P

  3. have u ever use tony moly product? The one with acne control cleanser?

    1. No, I haven't. =( Did you try it? If yes, did you like it?