Saturday, January 28, 2012

[ETUDE HOUSE] Precious Mineral BB COMPACT All Day Strong *Sheer Glowing Skin*

When I wear make-up I always have to finish with a face powder to look less shiny. Till recently I used 'MAYBELLIN - PURE POWDER' but I finished it and - of course - I got some Compact Powders as back-up already. Since a few days I'm using the Precious Mineral BB COMPACT All Day Strong from [ETUDE HOUSE]. I got Sheer Glowing Skin because it is a bright color and got medium coverage.
There are also available: Sheer Silky Skin and Sheer Flawless Skin.

Description: New and improved formula and SPF protection. Skin Brightening Pearl Powder & Trouble Care with Jasmine and Freesia extracts. BB compact is comprised of minute pearl powder particles for sheer, silky coverage and long lasting expression.
Darkening Zero ! Greasiness Zero ! All day bright Up!
Anti - Wrinkle / Whitening / Anti Darkening
Vaseline FREE/ Mineral Oil FREE/ Ethanol FREE/ Parabenes FREE/ Peal extract 1000ppm
The BB Compact comes in a pearl pink & silver paper box. The pressed powder is inside a round container which is also pearl pink on top and purple on bottom. It contains 15g!
The lid got a mirror and the included sponge is super soft & fluffy.
Under the sponge is a clear cover to protect the powder. The BB Compact in Sheer Glowing Skin is a Light Beige with some shimmer. The coverage is ok for me! I use it over BB Cream to get a more matte finish. If you want a stronger coverage you should try 'Sheer Flawless Skin'.
I like this face powder more than the 'Precious Mineral BB Cream'. The oil control isn't very strong, though. I have to refresh my make-up after a few hours to look less shiny/ oily.

Price: around 16,- €/ US$21 
Bought at: eBay (BELLOGIRL) 

What I love:  
The design and the soft finish. 

What I don’t like:  
The oil control is not very good. Have to refresh my make-up after a few hours.

Will I buy this again? I will consider it!


  1. is't suitable for oily skin??? and how long it takes without any touch up?? ^_^

    1. It shall have oil control but on my skin it doesn't work that good. Have to touch up after just 2-3 already because my skin starts to look shiny. T.T

  2. hmm i've actually looked into this many times. now i might finally be convinced to try it. i get so oily in the afternoon

  3. true!the oil control is not good but i love the shimmery finish~

    1. I'm sure I will never get a product with 100% oil control. ><
      The shimmery finish isn't too strong on myself, so it's still ok for me. =)

  4. Hi im a new follower. I really love your reviews. Im not into make-up to be honest, but now im 22 years old my friends told me to try putting some make-up, well i love too but i have sensitive skin so its hard for me too try. Is etude house products safe for me? Thank you.

    1. Hi! Thanks for following me. ^^
      I would recommend you to check out the products description if it's suitable for sensitive skin coz not all are good for this skin type.
      If you're looking for a face powder pact you could check out the 'BB Magic Pact' by ETUDE HOUSE.

    2. Thank you so much. I will try it soon.