Saturday, January 7, 2012

[ETUDE HOUSE] AC Clinic Gel Lotion

A few weeks ago I reviewed the 'Calming Mist' from the AC Clinic line by [ETUDE HOUSE]. 
I got some more products of this product line. One of them is the AC Clinic Gel Lotion
It was - together with the mist - the first product I used from this range.
I got it because it shall be good for acne-prone skin.

Description: A lightweight moisturizer clarifies and soothes troubled skin, while maintaining skin's optimum moisture balance at the same time. Salicylic acid and Hinoki Cypress extract work double time to prevent the formation of acne and clear out existing acne blemishes, without leaving skin dry and taut. Recommended for oily and acne prone skin types. 
Like the whole range the Gel Lotion comes in a green packaging. The description is in Korean and English on the box.
Most of the Toners or Lotions by [ETUDE HOUSE] are in heavy glass bottles. The same goes for this one here! It's made of green glass, so you can see when the bottle is empty. I used up my one soon but I got a 2nd one already. You have to 'shake' the bottle to get the product out. 
It has a gel-like consistency and is not too thick or creamy. The color is slightly whitish and it got that weird scent again. I guess the scent comes from the Hinoki Cypress.
I use this Gel Lotion always in the evening after using a toner. It refreshes my skin and doesn't feel oily but I still need to apply a cream afterwards. It doesn't moisturize my skin too well especially when my skin is very dry. I still have oily skin but not many breakouts anymore. Not sure if this product really helps me, though. I use too many other cosmetics!
I got the Cleansing Foam, Pink Powder Spot, Red Spot Balm and White-Trouble 2 Step Toner as well and will review them later.

Price: around 15,- €/ US$19   
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76) 

What I love:   
It's not oily on my skin!

What I don’t like: 
There is nothing I really don't like. But it could moisturize my skin better.

Will I buy this again? Yeah, I got another bottle a few days ago.


  1. oh, I ordered a face-mask from this serie few days ago! I hope it wil work nice on me ;-;

  2. I don't own the face mask coz I got too many already. xD But I would buy it if I had no other ones. =)

  3. I got this face mask today! i can't wait to try it *-*
    i'll write a review on my blog later ^-^

  4. Have you tried Naruko products? Just wondering if the consistency is similar to the Naruko night gel creams.

    1. No, I haven't try any Naruko cosmetic yet. Is it a japanese brand? o3o

  5. Hello! I just purchased this bottle yesterday and I'm using it right now. I have a REALLY acne-prone skin and the staff in Etude recommended this product to me. They have a line for this (I think this gel lotion is for STEP 3) but I have no enough money to buy all of them. (I just brought the sun bb cream and it also caused a lot. So I want my pimples to lighten before I start using bb cream again so as not to further aggravate my pimples). I only saw Salicylic acid last night in the ingredients list after I opened the box, and I'm still kind of skeptical with it. (Since S. acid is literally, Aspirin) Most of the creams I've used caused breakouts on my skin. Will this one help? Thank you. :D

    1. Hi!
      You can find salicylic acid in many products for acne-prone skin and it's right, that the same ingredient is also in aspirin but that's not bad. I heard that aspirin cleans your blood from inside what is good when you have acne-prone skin.
      I can say that I like the AC Clinic line from ETUDE HOUSE but it didn't help me 100%.
      I ordered the Sun BB cream, too! =)