Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[Kana Hoshino] Jewerich Eyelash *P-1*

Another pack of Eyelashes I got a few month ago are produced by japanese model Kana Hoshino: The Jewerich Eyelash P-1.
There are a few different styles available but I just tried out one atm.

The packaging is clear with some heart shapes and contains 2 pairs of lashes (I used up one already). Style P-1 is kept in red colors and on top is a pic of Kana wearing these lashes.
On the back is a describtion about how to use/ apply the lashes to your eyes (japanese only).
The eyelashes looking nice in the packaging but I don't like them too much on myself. I don't think this design suits me very well. These lashes got a clear line and are flexible. It wasn't too hard to apply them.

I will review the bottom lashes at another time!
On this pics I was wearing the dollyeye - Crayon 17 contact lenses in pink
It's the first time that I wear pink color lenses and I kinda like this ones. The Dia is 14.8mm and they are 'Made in Korea' (of course). 
I purchased them at eBay for 11,- € (excluding shipping costs from Malaysia).

Price: around 17,- €/ 1.650 YEN 

What I love: 
There is nothing I really love. 

What I don’t like: 
There is nothing I dislike! I find them a bit pricey for 2 pairs, though. 

Will I buy this again? Not this style anyway. Maybe anther one of the 'Jewerich' line.


  1. Wo kaufst du denn dein ganzes asiatisches Make-Up? Alles auf Ebay oder gibt's da auch empfehlenswerte Onlineshops? :)

  2. Das meiste über eBay! Aber wo ich den jeweiligen Artikel kaufte schreibe ich ja immer am Ende einer Review. ^^

  3. Oh sorry, ich dachte du schreibst das nur manchmal. Ist mir nicht aufgefallen. Dann werd ich nochmal genauer schauen. Danke für die schnelle Antwort :)