Thursday, January 5, 2012

[ETUDE HOUSE] Wannabe Style Making Kit & Wannabe Last Touch Lip Gloss

[ETUDE HOUSE] recently released their newest Winter Collection, the Wannabe line. Btw, some of the products are Limited Editions. The illustrations feature Sandara Park (2NE1) as the Emma character by Annika Wester from Sweden.
This product line is divided in the following 3 themes:

- Wannabe Style Making Kit

- Wannabe Last Touch Lip Gloss & Freshener (3 colors)
- Wannabe Sparkling Tear DropLiner
- Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Nails
- Wannabe Lumi-Ball Highlighter
- Wannabe Eye Lashes (2 designs)

- Wannabe Shine Finishing Pact & Highlighter Duo (2 colors)
- Wannabe Color Lips (3 colors)
- Wannabe Moisture Fix Mist
- Wannabe Style Nails (2 colors)

I grapped 2 of the products and thinking about getting some more. I got the Style Making Kit and one of the Last Touch Lip Glosses which I will both review now.

Wannabe Style Making Kit:
Description: Multi-makeup palette supplies diverse colors and pearl infused looks for mixing & matching. Create individualized styles without hassle. This palette contains 8 eye shadows. 
2 lip & cheek creams, highlighter crea, 2 eyeliners, 2 concealers, and 4 applicators, so you can easily complete beautiful eye, lip, and cheek, makeup. 
The make-up palette was a spontaneous purchase coz I own already two big eyeshadow palettes which I seldom use. I bought it because it's a Limited Edition and I missed the 'Aloha - Tropical Eyes' palette already!
This palette comes in a nice packaging which looks pink on the front and black on the back. The complete collection comes with those cute illustrations. When you fold off the packaging in the front and you will get another illustration in dark pink. To get the palette out of the packaging you have to open the side, though.
The Style Making Kit is in a matt black plastic case with the same cute prints again.
The case has the size 11,5x6cm what is not very big. So you can carry it in your bag as well.
This palette consists of 2 levels and a mirror inside the lid.
At the first (upper) level you have 2 lip & cheek creams and 8 eyeshadows:
Cream Lip & Cheek: Orange-Red
Cream Lip & Cheek: Pink
Pearl Eyeshadow: Light Pink
Pearl Eyeshadow: Violet
Pearl Eyeshadow: Gold-Brown
Pearl Eyeshadow: Silver-White
Satin Eyeshadow: Grey-Brown
Satin Eyeshadow: Brown
Satin Eyeshadow: Grey
Satin Eyeshadow: Pink
On the 2nd level you get 1 highlighter, 2 concealer, 2 eyeliner and 4 sponge/ brush applicator.
Cream Highlighter: Pearl Gold
Melty Concealer: Beige
Melty Concealer: Violet
Cream Liner: Brown
Cream Liner: Black
From left to right: 
Satin Eyeshadows (Grey, Pink, Grey-Brown, Brown)
From left to right: 
Pearl Eyeshadows (Light Pink, Violet, Silver-White, Gold-Brown)
From left to right:
Cream Liner (Black, Brown)
Melty Concealer (Violet, Beige)
Cream Highlighter (Pearl Gold)
Cream Lip & Cheek (Orange-Red, Pink) 

Price: around 23,- €/ US$30 
Bought at: eBay (zinopark)  

What I love: 
The design and the eyeshadows.

What I don’t like: 
There is nothing I don't like on this product. 

Will I buy this again? No! One time is enough I guess.

Wannabe Last Touch Lip Gloss & Freshener:
Description: Dual Gloss & Freshener supply sparkling color and romantic fragrance for enticing lips.

The Lip Gloss is available in 3 colors: Wanna Touch (Cream Beige), Wanna Love (Baby Pink) and Wanna Kiss (Coral). I decided this time to get the gloss in #2 Baby Pink.
The packaging is kept in white and pink colors with the same cute illustration as the 'Style Making Kit'. The Lip Gloss contains 5g and the Freshener 6ml. It's a 2-in-1 product!
The Lip Gloss #2 Wanna Love comes in a translucent bottle with some rose & bird prints on it. The color is a shimmering pink which doesn't have a strong coverage. I can barely see the color on my lips but it's shimmering. I like it coz it gives my lips that Nude-Look. 
The consistency is not sticky, too.
Like the 'Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper' this one here has a silicone tip/ applicator which is easy to use. The scent of it is ok - not too fruity or chemical-like.

On the other side you have the Freshener which comes in a translucent bottle as well. It has some butterfly prints on it and got a metal rollerball applicator. The product itself looks pinkish and the fragrance is called 'Floral Musk'. It smells kinda strong at the beginning but after a while it gets better. It's a nice floral scent!

How to use: Roll-on to back of neck, temples, wrists, chest or any other desired area.

Price: around 13,- €/ US$16 
Bought at: eBay (zinopark) 

What I love:  
The color and the idea of making a 2-in-1 product. 

What I don’t like: 
There is nothing I don't like even though I wished the freshener would be rather a mouth freshener than a perfume. 

Will I buy this again? Thinking about getting #1 Wanna Kiss (Coral).


  1. great review ^^
    thanks for sharing

  2. Does your palette said made in China at the back? Because that's what mine says and I bought from the same person. It seems weird cause all of the other Etude products are made in South Korea...

    1. I didn't see that before but yeah, my one is also 'Made in China'. I guess it's just cheaper for ETUDE HOUSE to let it produce in China. ;)