Saturday, January 21, 2012

[SKINFOOD] Honey Glossy Rouge *Cafe Chiffon*

The other lipstick I received with the 'Apricot Sticks' is the Honey Glossy Rouge from [SKINFOOD]. I purchased this in #606 Cafe Chiffon even though I didn't really find out before what exactly it is for a color.
This Lipstick is available in different colors:
- #303 Rose Jelly
- #253 Peach Jelly
- #173 Tea Apple
- #331 Garden Balsam
- #353 Peanut Jelly
- #362 Sugar Jelly
- #321 Puppy Pink
- #606 Cafe Chiffon
- #605 Milk Walnut

Description: Glossy lipstick that contains the nutrients of honey bees to leave lips with greater moisture and sleekness and turn clear like lip gloss.
 The Honey Glossy Rouge comes in a nice silver twist-up container and contains 3.5g.
Cafe Chiffon is a pink or pink/beige. It has some golden glitter, too. But don't worry you won't notice the glitter too much on your lips. I like the glossy finish coz I'm not a fan of too matte lip colors. The scent is fruity!
Wear the Lipstick on moisturized lips!!

Price: around 8,- €/ US$11 
Bought at: eBay (zinopark)  

What I love: 
There is nothing I really love but it's a very nice lippie. 

What I don’t like:
There is nothing I dislike!  

Will I buy this again? 'Sugar Jelly' and 'Milk Walnut' are looking good, too! Maybe will get one of them.


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  2. Yes and Holika Holika. =) Thanks but I think I have to improve a lot more. Sure, will follow you. ^^