Thursday, January 12, 2012


This year I started with a further education/ coaching and wake up at 6am what makes me super tired. Furthermore I'm looking for a new apartment. Because of that I can't write reviews everyday.
Today I review a pore cover product: the goodbye PORE EVER PRIMER ESSENCE from [ETUDE HOUSE]. You can get it as Stick as well but I got two balm already. So, I wanted to try out the Essence.

Description: Moisturizing makeup primer masks pores to subdue sebum and improve makeup coverage.

The Essence comes in a small light blue tube with yellow dots and a pink lid. When I look at the tube I always think of the 60's or 70's. It contains 20ml!
The product last for a while when you don't put it on your whole face everyday. I just put it on my cheeks and nose where I got some enlarged pores. It covers the smaller pores quite well but the larger ones are still visible - especially when I use a face powder afterwards.
Anyway, it has a liquid consistency like a moisturizer or emulsion. It's not as thick as a face cream. It is white/yellowish and smells ok. I can spread it over my face without problems and it feels really soft and sleek. My skin also looks a bit mattified!

How to use: Apply directly to wide pore area after skin care.

Price: around 8,- €/ US$10
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76) 

What I love:
It covers most of my pores quite well + I can spread it over my face without rubbing etc. 

What I don’t like:
There is nothing I don't like!  

Will I buy this again? Yes, I would! Maybe try the Stick, too.


  1. did you tried the benefit porefessional? its similar? or better?

    1. Sorry, I didn't try the 'benefit' pore primer. It cost 30,- € what is too expensive for me. =P
      I just tried 'ETUDE HOUSE'and'baviphat'. But I think these are quite similar. =)

    2. i see...i have the benefit one's and its good :) but so expensive... so i asked you that 'coz if its similar i'll buy the etude's one 'coz is cheaper :) I have oily skin, and i dont like the shiny look! anyway, thank you~~

    3. In singapore it sells about $16.

  2. I really liked this product as well but after wearing it a few days in a row it broke me out. So sad. :(

  3. @MissFeelo: Maybe because the primer clog the pores?! o.O I don't wear it everyday...

  4. I want to try this product, but I'm afraid that this product will clog the pores :(