Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[ETUDE HOUSE] VIP Girl Dear Darling Lips *You Say Pink*

Another lip make-up I wanna review today is the VIP girl lipstick...also by [ETUDE HOUSE].

Description: Lipstick application in One Quick and Easy Step for Vibrant, Colorful Expression. 4g

8 colors are available to choose from:
- VIP Pink
- You Say Pink
- Idol Pink
- Popstar Pink
- What's up Orange
- I Say Peach
- Iconic Pink
- Wannabe Red

I wanted to get a pink that looks different from my other pink colored lipsticks. That's why my choice was PK007 You Say Pink.
The color is a bright pink. Probably a bit like a Baby Pink but still different.....
To be honest, it's kinda difficult for me to describe the exact color. ><
The package is really cute. The lipstick comes in a metallic pink and gold packaging. 
The product itself is also in pink and gold with a nice chain, heart and crown print.
The lid is more like a translucent pink.
It's a creamy consistence which is easy to apply and it covers well, too. 
It has a matt finish so I prefer to apply a gloss over it. Make sure that your lips are not too dry or rough when you wear the lipstick. It might look weird!

Price: around 8,- €/ US$11
Bought at: eBay (zinopark)

What I love:
The creamy consistence and the cute packaging.

What I don’t like:
The matt finish. I prefer something more shiny or with a Wet-Look.

Will I buy this again? I don't think so! There are many other lipsticks I would like to try out. The only color who also could get my interest is
'Popstar Pink'.


  1. Since it's a matte finish, does it dries up? I really like the color! :)

  2. You mean if the lips getting dry?! Before you apply the lipstick make sure your lips aren't dry.
    The lipstick is creamy and smooth. I don't think it dries my lips out. But it's not too shiny thats why I would apply a gloss over it.
    It contains Apricot, Peach ad Plum Extracts.

    The lipstick isn't waterproof and doesn't hold on my lips for a super long time.

  3. how pigmented is the lipstick?

    1. I would say this lipstick is very pigmented. I apply just 2-3 layers and that's enough for my lips. =) The color looks in real a little bit different than on the pics, though. Like a baby pink.