Monday, December 19, 2011

[Holika Holika] Clearing Petit BB Cream

A BB Cream which seems to be quite popular is the Petit BB Cream from [Holika Holika]. I'm using this one since some month as well. I got the Clearing Petit BB coz it shall be good for people with oily and trouble skin.

You can get this BB Cream in 4 other types:
- Moisture Petit BB (purple)
- Essential Petit BB (orange)
- Watery Petit BB (green)
- Shimmering Petit BB (pink)

Description: Tea Tree Oil is a natural antibacterial disinfectant that was commonly used as a general antiseptic for thousands of years.
Fresh Texture without oil, Tea Tree Oil Extract helps to clean skin by alleviating skin troubles and red spots, make a refreshing baby face with Sebum Control Powder.
Sebum control powder helps to maintain fresh and soft skin condition by reducing shine with excellent sebum capturing effect.
This Petit BB got SPF30 and comes in a blue tube with a cute cat print on it. The small size is good to carry it in your pocket/ bag. It contains 30ml which you need to squeeze out. It has a simple twist off lid again.
The conisistency of the Clearing Petit BB is creamy and a bit thicker than other BB Creams I own. It's easy to spread on my face and also the coverage is good. I like the scent, too!
The color could be a little bit brighter for my skin tone. Seems to be a medium or natural beige without a greyish or pinkish undertone.
I wore this BB Cream a few times already and I'm a bit disappointed about the oil control.
My skin still gets oily after just a few hours. 

Price: around 8,- €/ US$10  
Bought at: eBay (BELLOGIRL)   

What I love: 
The design + small size. The good coverage and the nice scent.
What I don’t like:
I don't like the oil control. It's not good enough for myself.

Will I buy this again? Yeah, I think so! I like the size and coverage.

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