Tuesday, December 13, 2011

[ETUDE HOUSE] MISSING U Bee Happy! Hand Creams

I got some new Hand Creams with my last orders: the MISSING U Bee Happy! Hand Cream.
I loved already the first 'MISSING U' product line, therefore I had to get the new one as well.

As always you can get the new products as Lip Balms, too. A Wash Off Pack and Sleeping Pack is also available.
I reviewed the Wash Off Pack a few days ago!

Description: Our endangered animal friends are rapidly becoming extinct from the planet... 
I really want to see you... I miss you!
Formulated with natural mixture of herbs, Honey and floral fragrance to moisturize, heal and soothe hands. *This product was not tested on animals*
The new products are different 'bees/ bugs'. I got 3 of them! 
There is also a Queen Bee available but I don't really like the scent of rose.
The Hand Creams come in 100% recycled paper and everything was printed with soy ink.
Now to the different creams:  

#4 Baby Bee (Citrus Baby Powder Fragrance)
Hi~ I am Baby Bee
I can't fly yet so I just hang out in the hive eating honey.

The cream comes in a cute container that looks like a baby bee/ larva. It's green and contains 30ml. It has a thick and creamy consistency, like a balm. It smells like Citrus but not too strong.

#2 Honey Bee (Acacia Fragrance)
Hi~ I am Honey Bee
I work hard to serve the Queen and make honey for the hive.

This container is yellow and brown. It looks like a bee! The cream has the same consistency like the other one but the fragrance is different. It has the scent of Acacia (Honey)
It's my favorite Hand Cream from this product line!

#3 Ladybug (Chestnut Blossom Fragrance)
Hi~ I am Ladybug
I can fly like my friends the bees and I protect crops from insect pests.

The Ladybug cream comes in a brown and red-colored container. The cream itself has the same consistence as the other two. The fragrance is a bit weird... It smells like flowers but still different. Maybe it's the Chestnut scent.
You have to take out the cream with your fingers. It's not so easy coz the cream is rather like a balm and not lotion-like as the first 'MISSING U!' Hand Creams.
The cream is easy to massage into the hands and absorbs fast. 

Price (each): around 9,- €/ US$12  
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76 & zinopark)

What I love:
The cute design and the fragrance of the 'Honey Bee'.

What I don’t like:
The consistency is thicker than the first 'MISSING U!' line. It's harder to get the cream out.

Will I buy this again? If I do then probably just the 'Honey Bee (Acacia)' one.


  1. Hiya! They look really cool! Although the packaging its not very useful if you have to travel a lot.... but still great if you have child at home haha!

  2. Why you think the package isn't good for travelling?? It is small...

  3. where did u get this?? the one i just bought had a really thick consistency so it's hard to get the cream out.