Saturday, December 24, 2011

[SKINFOOD] Green tea Salt Mask Foam

Another new item I wanna review today is from [SKINFOOD] as well. It's the new Green tea Salt Mask Foam
I got Green tea Salt coz I think that this is good for oily skin. But I'm not really sure about that. Anyway, it says it cleans and refreshes the skin.
It contains Witch Hazel Extract, Broccoli Extract, Camellia Sinensis Extract, Cabbage Extract, Asparagus Extract and Celery Extract. A lot of vegies huh?!

This 'Foam Cleanser' is also available as:
- Lavender tea Salt (Moisture)
- Lemon tea Salt (Remove dead skin cells) 

Description: A foaming cleanser infused with Green tea and Himalayan salt that hydrates and detoxifies skin while washing away dirt and oil. Leaves skin soft and supple, like a facial mask does.
The content of 170g comes in a whitish tube with a light green lid. It's a twist off lid again and the tube came sealed.
The Mask Foam has a thick & creamy consistency which is just white. Inside are granules which might be from the salt, so it works also as a peeling.
This foam cleanser has the scent of Green tea and tastes salty.
I tried it out just one time and my skin felt smoother afterwards. But my skin also started to burn around my eyes and mouth. I think it's not very good for sensitive skin!

How to use: Dispense an ample amount onto wet palms and lather. Massage skin and wash off with lukewarm water. Splash with cold water for astringent effects. 

Price: around 13,- €/ US$16
Bought at: eBay (zinopark)   

What I love:  
There is nothing I really love about this product! 

What I don’t like:   
It burns on my skin! 

Will I buy this again? I don' think so! Always trying out new ones....

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