Tuesday, December 20, 2011


When I started with Korean Cosmetic I liked the products from [baviphat] a lot. The first things I got from this brand where from their Paprika Pore Solution line. I'm reviewing now the Pore Solution Emulsion which I don't use really often coz I just forget it always.
Anyway, there is also a Toner, Essence and Sleeping Pack available (Yellow product line).

Description: The moisture emulsion which controls sebum secretion, manages uneven pores tightly and provides a smooth skin texture. Utilizing the skin-stimulating benefits of the pepper, paprika increases cellular turnover. Skin oxygenation, resulting to a more matte and even-toned complexion that looks and feels radiantly soft. Contains Paprika and Grapefruit Extract.
The Emulsion comes in a long yellow container and looks like a Paprika. 
Also the lid looks like a part of it. 
You need to twist off the lid and remove the small white 'stopper' to get the content (130ml) out.
The printed date is the Manufacturing Date. You can use it for 3 years from the date on.
You have to 'shake' the bottle to get the Emulsion out. It's a bit annoying but still okay.
The product has a lotion-like consistency and is just white with a nice scent. It smeels kinda fruity maybe the scent of Grapefruits?!
It absorbs quite fast on my skin and is non-greasy. My face feels softer but I didn't notice something with my pores yet. They don't get really smaller!
How to use: After using a toner and/or essence take a proper amount and spread it over your face, pat lightly to absorb. 

Price: around 15,- €/ US$19 
Bought at: eBay (BELLOGIRL)  

What I love:  
The design + scent + soft feeling after applying. 

What I don’t like:
The way to get the product out of the bottle.

Will I buy this again?
No, i don't think so.

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