Wednesday, December 7, 2011

[CandyDoll] Lip Sticks *Ramune Pink & Vanilla Beige*

It doesn't happen often that I buy japanese make-up coz most of them are more expensive than the ones from Korea. But last time I got two new japanese Lipsticks from [CandyDoll]. 
These products are produced by the famous model Tsubasa Masuwaka.
They all contain Hyaluronic Acid, Royal Jelly and Olive.

I took Ramune Pink and Vanilla Beige. There is a third color, Apricot Beige, available. 
As I already wrote in another post, I love the Nude-Look. So I needed to try them out!
Both lipsticks are kept in a simple black and silver design.

Vanilla Beige:
This color is a nude beige and looks not bad but is actually darker than on the product pic (Tsubasa's lips). It has a creamy texture with a good coverage. This color is rather matt so I prefer to add a lip gloss.

Ramune Pink/ Lemonade Pink:
This color is a slightly light pink and I like it even if it's also darker than on the product pic (Tsubasa's lips). It has the same creamy texture and coverage as the other color but Ramune Pink is a bit more shiny than Vanilla Beige...not too much, though.
When you wear this lipsticks make sure that your lips are not dry or rough. The lipstick will get cought in the dead skin cells or wrinkles and make them more visible.

Price (each): around 1950JPY/ US$25

What I love:
There is nothing I really love!

What I don’t like:
The texture is a bit too thick for me and the colors are darker than shown on the promotion pic.

Will I buy this again?
No! I'm not very satisfied with this lipsticks especially the 'Vanilla Beige' rather disappointed me...