Friday, December 16, 2011

[ETUDE HOUSE] Real Art Cleansing Oil *MOISTURE*

Since I always use make-up when I go out I need a good make-up remover afterwards. When I was younger I used those Cleansing Milks/ Lotions but I didn't like it coz I needed too many cotton pads to remove all the stuff. Then I got Cleansing Wipes and I used to like them a lot coz it was so fast and easy to remove make-up but they dried out my face (especially my eye area).
Now I bought some Cleansing Oils and Creams which I will review here. I start with the one I currently use: the Real Art Cleansing Oil from [ETUDE HOUSE].

You can get this Cleansing Oil in 'MOISTURE' or 'FRESH'. I didn't know for which skin type the FRESH one was so I got the MOISTURE one.
Now I know that 'FRESH' contains Tea Tree Oil and is probably for oily skin while MOISTURE contains Coconut Oil and is good for dry skin.

A Cleansing Mild Soap and Bubble Cleansing Oil is also available from this product line.

Description: Cleansing Oil is formulated with Coconut Oil to gently remove tough waterproof makeup while protection and moisturizing skin. Effectively removes the following makeup: Eyeliner, Lipstick, BB Cream, Eye brow.
This Cleansing Oil contains 200ml and comes in a yellowish translucent bottle.
It has a pump which makes it easy to get the product out, plus something like a stopper to protect the product from coming out when you don't want it.
The oil is colorless but has a strong fragrance. I don't like the fragrance coz it smells too much like a perfume my mum or granny would use. I would prefer a coconut scent since the oil contains coconut oil.
 I used for the example pic a BB Cream, Liquid Eyeliner, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Eyeshadow and Mascara.
After wiping the oil off there was just a bit off the Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner left but I could wash it off easily with water as well.
How to use: Take a proper amount (2~3 pumps) and massage it over your whole face. Wipe clean with a cleansing tissue or rinse with warm water to remove excess.

Price: around 12,- €/ US$15 
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76) 

What I love:
The pump and it removes make-up really good. 

What I don’t like:
The fragrance and my eye-sight becomes blurry when I get the product in.

Will I buy this again? No, but maybe the 'FRESH' one.

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