Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[TONYMOLY] ice Queen Multi Play Cream

A few weeks ago I bought an interesting item again: the ice Queen Multi Play Cream from [TONYMOLY].
It works as a Cream, Primer and Sunscreen (SPF30) so you can just use this instead of 3 products. A multifunctional product!!!

From the 'ice Queen' line are some other things available:
- Snow-White Sleeping Cream
- Crispy Tropical Pack
- Crispy Greentea Pack

Decription: Icy cool and soft creamy touch product with excellent skin soothing effect & perfect skin barrier power.
This Multi Play Cream comes in a white container which looks quite big but there are just 50ml inside. On the bottom part is just a sticker while the lid looks like ice cream with chocolate dip. It's a twist off lid again with a second cover underneath to protect the product.
No spoon/ spatual is included! That means you need to use your fingers again. 
It has a thick creamy consistency and is a bit like whipped cream. Don't use too much of this cream or your face might look a bit white.
The scent is very nice. It smells sweet and a bit fruity. Somewhere I was reading it smells like 'Marshmallows'. I like the scent!
When I use this Cream I use it instead of a Primer/ Base. But it doesn't have a oil control, therefore my skin gets oily quite fast. That's why I think it's not perfect for people with oily skin!

Price: around 13,- €/ US$17 
Bought at: eBay (rubyruby76)  

What I love:    
The design + whipped cream consistency + the scent. 

What I don’t like:
It has no oil control!

Will I buy this again? No, i don't think so.

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